BB creams are a relatively modern invention, but it’s essentially revolutionized the world of makeup. According to WebMD, BB cream is essentially multiple products in one: primer, foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen, concealer, and treatment for oily or damaged skin. If you have oily skin yourself, you might question its effectiveness, as people with this skin type are often told to avoid lotions and creams. But if you do some research, you can find the right brand of BB cream that treats and eliminates oils rather than adding to them. This post will aim to answer some of your answers regarding BB creams and suggests a few BB creams for oil skin.


Best BB Creams For Oily Skin (Our Top Picks)

BB CreamKey Features
Garnier SkinActive Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream- 3 Colors
- SPF 20
- Oil-Free
- Oil absorbing
- Lightweight
La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur Instant Oil-Absorbing Coverage BB Cream- 2 Colors
- SPF 20
- Blends Well
- Oil absorbing , Oil-Free
- Ok for Sensitive Skin
- Fragrance Free
Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream- 4 Colors
- SPF 30
- Oil Free
- Ok for Sensitive and Acne Skin
- Non-Cakey
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream- 5 Colors
- SPF 35
- Good Coverage
- Ok for Sensitive Skin
- Lightweight


Are BB Creams Good for Oily Skin?

If you’ve got oily skin, you might be hesitant before trying out a new product. While some skin products can eliminate dirt and oils and smooth out bumpy skin, other products actually irritate sensitive skin and cause oiliness or breakouts–leaving you worse off than when you started! According to Allure, BB cream’s natural heaviness can increase the user’s chance of breakouts, leaving them with greasy, damaged skin that requires additional products to correct.

Fortunately, many brands are aware of this issue. In response, they’ve developed special BB cream formulas that soothe oily skin in addition to the regular benefits. Several popular brands offer lighter, oil-free formulas, including Garnier, Physicians Formula, Marcelle, and Cover FX. Most of these brands can be found online or at a local retail store. If you’re concerned about the price, these brands come in a wide range of prices, ensuring that you’ll find something that fits your budget.

Instead of clogging your pores with caked-on makeup, these products offer light, oil-free alternatives that are gentle and soothing on oily skin. You’ll clear your skin while enjoying the regular benefits of BB cream, including sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation. Essentially, you’ll have your makeup and oily skin treatment all in one product.


Are Foundations or BB Creams Better for Oily Skin?

If you do a little research, BB cream can be a valuable asset for women with oily skin. But in some ways, BB cream might still seem like an unnecessary addition to your makeup routine. Why smear extra cream on your face when you can simply dust a little light foundation powder on your skin? If you’ve got oily skin, you don’t want to use products that feel greasy or cakey.

If coverage is your main priority, foundation might be the better option. But as points out, while foundation is great for coverage and finish, it doesn’t come with the extra benefits that you get with BB cream. BB cream isn’t just a concealer, though that’s certainly one of its features–it can actually treat your skin while it conceals flaws and hides acne and redness.

Overall, BB cream is the better option for oily skin, as it provides additional treatment as well as coverage. You’ll save time and money on oily skin treatment products by simply replacing your foundation with BB cream. Just do some research and make sure that you purchase a light, oil-free product that’s specially formulated for your skin type.


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Which BB Cream Ingredients Work Well for Oily Skin?

Oil-free BB cream formulas are infused with special ingredients that treat and cleanse oily skin. The ingredients differ according to each brand, but according to Nuy Cho of Redbook, a popular brand of BB cream contains a volcanic mineral powder called perlite. This might not seem like a common ingredient for a makeup product, but it actually absorbs extra oils in your skin in a safe, additive-free manner.

This brand of BB cream also contains salicylic acid, an ingredient that helps prevent acne. One formula contains antioxidants that help cool and refresh oily skin, while another brand uses a clay-based formula that cleanses skin naturally. For a truly refreshing product, one brand is made almost entirely of water and fruit extracts that adds light coverage to your skin. When it comes to cleansing and treating skin, the options are practically limitless.

Essentially, a good BB cream is made of light, refreshing ingredients enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. Before investing in a product, do some research into the ingredients to determine what might work best for your skin type. If you’ve got skin allergies, check the ingredients thoroughly before making a decision.


BB Cream: An Effective All-In-One Product

Overall, BB cream is a welcome addition to any woman’s makeup routine. If you’ve never used BB cream before, WishTrendTV offers seven different ways to wear this revolutionary product. If you’ve been searching for a treatment for your oily skin and can’t find anything that works, you might be surprised by the effectiveness of BB cream. Once they start using the product, many women with oily skin report feeling cleansed and refreshed, and watch as the oils and acne begin to recede. This one simple cream can take the place of six or seven products, saving you time, money, and even space on your makeup counter.


Our Final Recommendations

La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Cream 

La Roche-Posay Effacer BB Cream
For oily skin, finding a good BB cream that can absorb oil is important. This is the reason why I recommend this BB cream from La Roche-Porsay. This is a great non-comedogenic and oil-free BB cream that pretty much has all the features you would expect. It contains important ingredients like Perlite which is great for absorbing humidity and sweat. It is SPF 20 and has great coverage. Although it’s a cream, it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel cakey. Best of all, it is fragrance free and works great on sensitive skin.

The light/medium shade does have a bit of yellow undertone which is not great if you have really pale skin. Also, keep in mind that BB creams usually won’t last as long as foundations which might be a problem for some people. However, if we compare this BB creams to other BB creams, this one from La Roche-Posay certain has all the bells and whistles and is definitely worth a try!

Garnier SkinActive Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream
Garnier BB Cream
If you’re looking for something that just works without breaking the bank, you may want to check out this BB cream from Garnier. This BB cream contains oil-absorbing mineral perlite which is great for oil control. It is SPF 20 and provides great hydration for your skin. It has a matte finish with helps to reduce the shine and it is very lightweight.

This BB cream does help to control your oil for about 4 hours but after that you would need to pad it down with powder. For the price, you can a 2oz (60ml) bottle which is a pretty good deal. When applying this BB cream on combination skin, be careful around areas that have dry skin as this product is known to emphasize dry patches. This BB cream is developed for oily skin and is made to absorb oil. The side effect of this is that it makes dry skin even more dry, which could be a problem if you have combination skin.