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How to Use Face Scrub for Oily Skin

by Sandy Taylor

A lot of my readers have been asking me how I use face scrub for my oily skin and in this post, I will share exactly that.

In my professional opinion, having a clean and fresh face is more important than any makeup that you will put on your face. Why? Because the better skin you have, the less makeup you need.

A good skincare routine means less acne, less blemishes and less use of makeup for cover-ups. Everyone is busy these days and it’s essential that we waste less time with our makeup routines. It all starts with a good skincare, hard work and consistency.

In this post, I am going to go over how I use face scrubs to exfoliate, remove dead skin and unclog pores to achieve a beautiful and fresh look.


Best Way To Use Face Scrub For Oily Skin – Step by Step

Step 1 – Spread Scrub Evenly Over Your Hands

With the right amount of face scrub on your palms, rub hands together gently to spread the scrub over your hands. This ensures a good and even application.

Step 2 – Gently Apply Scrub to Your Face

Gently massage and rub the scrub on your face. Do this in a circular motion and focus on 1 area at a time for 5 to 10 seconds before moving onto the next. Ensure that you have worked in all areas of your face. Some scrubs may irritate the eyes, so be cautious when you are working in this area. Note that pushing hard here could damage your skin because the beads might scratch it.

 Step 3 – Rinse with Lukewarm Water

Once you are satisfied with the application. The next step is to rinse your face with lukewarm water. Make sure to remove all the scrub. Test the water temperature first before rinsing. The skin on your hands are usually thicker than your face which means your face will be more sensitive to temperature.

Step 4 – Pat or Air Dry, Don’t Rub

After rinsing, pat dry your skin with a soft tissue. I wouldn’t use a towel unless you are confident that it’s clean. If you use a towel, make sure you clean it after each time to ensure no bacteria build-ups in the towel. Never rub your skin while drying as you might scratch your skin. Patting dry also ensure that you are not irritating your acne. (If you have them)

**Note: As mentioned above, you may choose to step into the shower at this point to further scrub off any excess oil, grime or dead skin.

Step 5 – Moisturize

This last and final step is probably the most important step. When you remove oil from your face, your skin reacts by producing more oil. Applying moisturizer calms down the reaction and keeping your oils in control. A night cream works best here but any facial moisturizer will usually do the trick.

That’s it for this post and I hope it was able to help you with your scrubbing efforts! Keeping your skin clean and fresh doesn’t need to be confusing. It does require hard work and consistency. Happy scrubbing!

What Is a Face Scrub? Why should You use it?

A face scrub is a facial cleanser that uses small beads or particles to help remove old or dead skin cells. This process is usually referred to as exfoliating. Using an exfoliating scrub (face scrub) has many other benefits as it also helps to remove excess oil and unclog blocked pores. This kind of scrub is best used for people with dry or oily skin.

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

The general accepted rule of thumb for most people is twice a week. As I have oily skin, I do it 3 times a week. The frequency as to how often you should exfoliate your skin depends on:

  • How oily your skin is – The more oil you have, the more chances that your pores will be blocked. Therefore, you need to keep on top of cleaning your face to minimize blockage.
  • Your Environment – Do live in a city with heavy air pollution? Do you work in a sweaty environment? Is the climate keeping your skin dry? All these factors need to be considered because they affect the amount of dry skin or blocked pores you may have.
  • Your Own Type – The environment affects your skin, but your own skin type also affects how often you should exfoliate. If you have oily skin, you should exfoliate more. If you have sensitive skin, consider meeting with your dermatologist first before exfoliating.

When Should You Exfoliate?

For best results, I always exfoliate before showering at night. This way, I can spend time in the shower to scrub off additional oils and dead skin that wasn’t removed in the first round. This will also give you a perfect opportunity to apply your favorite night cream before going to bed which helps to retain moisture and keeps your skin feeling fresh.

How much Face Scrub Should You Use?

Honestly, you don’t need a lot. Most people use a nickel-sized amount of exfoliating scrub and that would do the trick. However, you do need to spend more time to experiment a bit. How much you need depends on your actual skin condition. What’s important to point out is that using more does not necessary to ensure a cleaner face. Your technique is also important. My advice here is to test, test and test some more!

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