Looking to spend a day out in the sun but don’t want to wear foundation? Want to go for a swim but is afraid that the water might make your skin dry? No worries! Waterproof BB Creams to the rescue! In this article, I am going to go over the things that you need to know for choosing a waterproof BB cream. I will also recommend a few of the best ones that I have tried. If you are simply looking to waterproof your own existing BB cream, I will go over the things you need to know in order to do that as well.

Our Picks For The Best Waterproof BB Creams

RankPackageWaterproof BB CreamKey Features
1Nature Republic Super Origin Collagen Waterproof BB Cream- 1 Shade (oxidizes in 6 hours)
- SPF 46
- Creamy Application
- Fragrance Free
- Easy to Blend
2The Face Shop Face it WaterProof BB Cream
(Best For Swimming)
- Easy To Blend
- Good For Sensitive Skin
- Good For Oily Skin
- Large Size 1.7oz (50ml)
3CANMAKE Perfect BB Cream Serum Light - 2 Shades
- SPF 50
- Made in Japan
- Parabens free
- Lightweight
Used One of These Before? Which Waterproof BB Cream Did You Like Best?

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Should You Choose a Waterproof BB Cream or Makeup Foundation for Swimming?

When it comes to enjoying life outdoors and taking a swim, we demand cosmetics that don’t budge. Streaking foundation when emerging from the pool isn’t pretty. The invention of waterproof BB cream is genius, because it keeps your makeup base fresh and on your face.

BB creams are user-friendly, lightweight in texture and offer great coverage with a subtle tint, according to WEBMd. BB creams never feature the appearance of an overly-made up face, and many women prefer this approach for a natural-looking makeup base.

BB cream popularity first began in South Korea and spread rapidly around the world.

Allure magazine believes in the power of waterproof BB creams, including them in their annual list of the “Best Sweat-Proof Products.” The publication’s senior editor, Lauren Caruso, travels with hers.

When it comes to choosing between a foundation or a BB cream for swimming, the answer is that ” it depends”. How much coverage do you need? Does a BB cream or foundation fit with your makeup routine? What kind of skin type do you have? All of these factors need to be considered before making a decision. For the most part, I often advise my clients that if they are more comfortable with using a foundation, then use a waterproof foundation . If they have been using BB creams, then stick with a waterproof BB cream.

If you prefer to see what the pros think, Lauren from Allure favors the versatility of a waterproof BB creams versus a makeup foundation, because it’s a quick way to add protection from the sun and surf. It’s a non-pore clogging cosmetic for the face when you’re active outdoors.

Lauren applies her waterproof BB cream on top of a strong SPF 50 moisturizer for an extra layer. She believes the thin, “breathable” texture of a BB cream is ideal. It seals the hydration in, without resulting in a caked-on appearance.

The Allure editor believes in BB creams so strongly, that she keeps a travel-size tube of waterproof BB cream with her from May to September.


How Do You Make Your Existing BB Cream Waterproof?

The beauty in the simplicity and feather-light quality of a BB cream, allows it to be layered with other skin care products for greater efficacy. If you don’t have time to purchase a waterproof BB cream, don’t despair, because you can create your own. There are actually 2 ways of doing it and it really depends on the activity that you will be doing. Let me explain:

Waterproofing Your BB Cream for Swimming

If you are going for a swim, the easiest way to waterproof your BB cream is to “seal” it with a waterproof setting spray. The one that I love the most is Model in a Bottle Original Makeup Setting Spray. Apply your makeup like you do normally and then set everything down with this spray. Keep in mind that this product does wear off over time and needs to be reapplied. If you are planning to submerge your face it water, this product will not be able to hold all of your makeup in place. However, its a great product for a quick dip in the pool or if you are looking to splash around at the beach.

Waterproofing Your BB Cream For Sweaty Sports or Activities

Applying primer before your BB cream will help ensure a stay there foundation base. Most makeup artists believe that a decent primer acts as a wonderful “double-sided tape.” When you dive into the pool or lake or ocean, you will rise to the top in great makeup shape.

Another excellent product to pair with your BB cream for waterproof effectiveness is a mineral-based powder. NaturalLivingforWomen studied the benefits of these micronized particles.

Best of all, a layer of mineral powder over your BB cream is still like a wispy feather. It won’t clog pores, will provide some SPF and still remain water-proof. In addition, mineral powder is packed with naturally pure ingredients, so it’s complexion-friendly.

Mineral powder layered over BB cream is perfect for women of all skin types, and there is no age limit on who can wear this amazing makeup combination. The finely powdered texture is light-reflective, which shows off bone structure and hides skin imperfections.

BB cream layered with mineral powder will still provide that beautiful light coverage many women prefer when spending time outdoors. You can have fun in the water with a sure-proof, do-it-yourself makeup barrier.


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How to Choose a Waterproof BB Cream for Your Skin Type

There are a variety of waterproof BB creams to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the proper product for your complexion needs. If you’ve never applied a BB cream, here’s a delightful demo from a YouTube makeup guru called TheTinyFox. She shows you how a woman with very fair skin and a splash of freckles can achieve a smooth, even makeup base.

Online makeup demonstrations are valuable before purchasing a new product. We can observe the technique for application and how the product actually looks on a real person’s skin. There is nothing better than “up close and personal.”

In selecting a waterproof BB cream, choose the proper one for your skin type and decide on the layer of coverage desired. Every BB cream has been designed for a key purpose. Heavier formulas are made with nourishing built-in minerals, creating a dewy look for those with dry complexions or mature skin care needs.

There are also BB creams made specially for our oilier-complected and combination-complected ladies. These ingredients might include salicylic acid or niacinamide or even “mattifying” minerals to keep pores ultra-clear and shine away for hours. Coverage is still full in a light-weight base.

Some BB creams offer a universal shade, such as one color fits all. Of course, that isn’t always the case, but you can try on a few brands to come as close to your natural complexion as possible.

Look for waterproof BB creams that feature a number of different shades. These are similar to liquid foundations in warm tints and cool tints. These formulas offer a wide range, from the palest ivory to the deepest mahogany, for example.

Waterproof BB creams and swimming go together perfectly. Take the plunge.