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How to Wear High Heels Comfortably (4 Ways)

by Sandy Taylor

We all love heels but no one loves the discomfort of wearing them all day. In this post, I will share a few tips and tricks for wearing high heels comfortably if they are too big or if you want to wear them at the beach.

I will also share tips for wearing heels comfortably for people with high arches and wide feet.


How To Wear Heels That Are Too Big

There are 3 popular ways to wear heels that are too big: use thick cotton socks, insoles, or ball-of-foot pads. Which one you choose depends on the type of heels you want to wear and your budget. 

Try Thick Cotton Socks

Thick cotton socks are great for wearing heels that don’t expose your feet. These include kitten heels, spool heels, ankle boots, flare-heeled boots, and other similar styles.

Cotton socks provide a temporary and affordable solution in situations where you just want your heels to fit!

Do not use boot socks because they will be too long. A crew cut cotton sock will be perfect.

Here’s How to Wear Thick Cotton Socks with Heels:

  1. Use a pair of thick cotton socks that you already have or purchase a pair.
  2. Lay the sock long way and flat.
  3. Roll the sock from the top opening to the toe.
  4. Form to fit in the toe of your high heel shoe.
  5. Adjust as needed for comfort.

Try Insoles and Ball-of-Foot Pads

Insoles and ball-of-foot pads make wearing larger heels feel amazing.  They are a small investment but can easily fit on top of your soles. They can be worn with any type of heels, even ones that expose your heel, toes, and the sides of your foot.

Insoles and Ball-of-Foot Pads work by shifting weight back to the heel. This helps to relieve pressure, improve posture, and maintain ankle stability.

Most Insoles and Ball-of-Foot Pads come with an adhesive backing which is economical and longer-lasting.

Here’s How to Use Insoles and Ball-of-Foot Pads:

  1. Purchase a brand of insoles and ball-of-foot pads.
  2. Follow the directions for inserting the insole into the shoe.
  3. The insole will provide comfort and a little lift.
  4. Insert and attach the ball-of-foot pad to the ball area of the shoe on top of the insole.
  5. Try on shoes and adjust for fit and comfort.
  6. If the shoe is still loose, you can add a second ball-of-foot pad on top of the first pad for a better fit.

How To Wear Heels On The Beach

To wear heels on the beach, choose heels that are chunky or wear wedged high heels. If you choose to wear stiletto heels, use Stiloguards.

Heel Choice for Beach Days

Here are some tips to follow if you plan on wearing heels on a beach day:

  1. The heel you choose is essential to your walking stability on a sandy surface.
  2. Two of the best heel choices for beach terrain are chunky or wedged high heels.
  3. Choosing a chunkier and solid squared heel will give you more control on a shifting sand surface.
  4. Choosing a wedged high heel will help prevent heel sinking and will make it easier for a stylish and enjoyable beach walk.

Try StiloGuards

If you plan on wearing Stiletto heels. The best way to do so is to use Stiloguards. They are small disks that that are designed for attaching to stiletto heels to prevent the heels from sinking into soft surfaces.

Here are some tips for using StiloGuards:

  1. They vary in size to fit different heel styles.
  2. Follow directions for usage.
  3. Attach to heel prior to walking on soft or uneven surfaces.
  4. Detach when walking on a more stable surface.

How To Wear Heels With High Arches

The best way to wear heels if you have high arches is to use arch supports, high arch gels, or buy heels that have built-in arch supports.

Arch Supports

Arch supports can help you “fill the gap” between your arch and the sole of the shoe. This helps to reduce stress on your arch and provides support for your feet, knees, hips, and back.

Here Are Some Tips for Finding Selecting Arch Supports:

  1. Find the brand and style that will best meet your need for support.
  2. Choose from insoles, inserts, and pads.
  3. Choose the one that will best fit your arch gap.
  4. Insert into your high heel and adjust accordingly to your arch support need.
  5. You may need to cut off the excess insole for a better fit.

High Arch Gels

High arch gels work simular to arch supports but they provide gel support in a specific arch area. They are small and can be adhesively attached to the arch area of your heel. You can adjust and position the arch gel pad to the specific arch area of your foot. These are inexpensive and will last for a while.

High Heel Choice For High Arches 

You can also look for high heels with built-in arch support. These are usually harder to find and the style are limited, that’s why it’s my last choice.

Here are some tips:

  • Try on the heel and walk around making sure the built-in arch support is positioned where you need the most support.
  • Make sure the built-in arch support is the height that you need for added comfort.

How To Wear Heels If You Have Wide Feet

The best way to wear heels if you have wide feet is to try to wear 1 size up or open heel style heels.

Going 1 size up will allow the added length of the heel to offset the lack of width.  Remember to walk around the store to make sure the offset of length and width is comfortable for you.

An open heel offers foot space for wide feet. Select a heel that offers openness like a heeled sandal. Avoid foot confinement and discomfort as much as possible.

For a closed-toe shoe, the mule is a good choice for a wider foot. Choose a mule that allows the wider part of your foot to be exposed.

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