Why Write For FoundationFairy.com?

FoundationFairy.com is all about creating a community of people who wants to support each other and help each other with makeup, beauty or skincare advice.

We believe that sharing is caring. By sharing with the community, we become better collectively!

Do you have beauty, makeup or skincare tips that you think could really benefit or help others who are trying to achieve their beauty or skincare goals? If so, we invite you to share your tips with the community!

What We Are Looking For

1) Your beauty, makeup or skincare tips that you want to share with others.

Provide details for each tip. Answer these questions:

– How does your tip help others?
– Who would benefit from this tip? E.g. Someone with oily skin
– Any other details the reader should know?

Each Tip must be specific, Use minimum of 100 words for each tip.


2) Your Beauty Tutorial – Got a beauty tutorial you want to share? Tell us and get featured

– Provide Step by Step details for your beauty tutorial
– Provide both a before and after picture or a related high quality image*
– Provide the products that you used**

* Note 1: The usage of provided image in actual post is up to our discretion.
** Note 2: No Affiliate links allowed.

Submission Requirements

1) Your submission must be unique and written in your own words and style. It shouldn’t be plagiarized and should be original.

2) Do not try to push a product or service with your submission. The purpose of your submission is to share knowledge and not for commerical benefit.

3) Do not include outbound links with your submission

4) Include with your submission:

a) Your Name
b) Picture (Optional)
c) Website with a short description
d) Social Media Handles.

Benefits To You

1) Gain additional exposure to your website, professional or social media profiles

2) Establish yourself as a resource in the beauty, makeup and skincare community.

3) Your submission will be shared with all of our social media followers!

4) Your website or social media profile will be perminently placed in our resources page


1) FoundationFairy.com reserves the right to accept or refuse submissions.

2) Approved submissions may be edited for spelling and grammer mistakes.

3) FoundationFairy.com remain the rights of all submitted content. Submitted content cannot be re-published elsewhere on the internet. Any plagarized submissions will be removed from our website without notice.

If you can adhere to these guidelines, then we are ready to accept your submission! Email your submission to:

sandy [at] foundationfairy.com

We will review your submission and get back to you within 1 or 2 business days. We don’t offer monetary compensations for submissions at this time.

**IMPORTANT** – Please review your submissions before submitting them to us. Make sure that the guidelines are followed!