Author: Sandy Taylor

5 Best Korean Eye Creams For Dark Circles and Wrinkles in 2018

Korean eye creams are all the rage these days. After all, it’s hard not to notice the smooth and beautiful skin on many Korean superstars and pop singers. When it comes to skincare, Korean products are superior and eye creams are no exception. However, not every eye cream is created equal. In this post, I will go over some of the best Korean eye creams that are on the market. I will also go over a few things that you need to know for selecting and using Korean eye creams. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Our Picks For...

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5 Best Derma Rollers in 2018: A Complete Guide

Looking for the best derma rollers on the market today? Then you have come to the right place. Derma Rolling (A.K.A Micro Needling) is HUGE in the beauty world right now. In this post, I review the top derma rollers and provide you with everything you need to know on choosing and using this great beauty product. Our Picks For The Best Derma Rollers RankPictureDerma Roller NameKey Features 1Healthy Care 540 Micro Needles Derma Roller- 540 Needles - Titanium Needles - 0.25mm,0.2mm, 1.0mm sizes 2Alferdo Derma Roller- 540 Needles - 0.25mm - Heavy and Study - Large size roller 3Homase Derma...

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5 Best Acne Concealers in 2018 (That Really Work)

When it comes to acne, most of us are well aware of how to prevent it and which ingredients are best at treating it. However, when it comes to covering it up, there’s not nearly as much information out there. Yet, millions of women are willing to spend a good deal of money on a product that will effectively conceal the appearance of acne. So how do you know which product is best for your skin? In this post, I will go over the things that you need to know when selecting a concealer for your acne skin. I...

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Best Under Eye Concealers: Erase Eye Bags Now!

If you’re looking for a quick fix to your makeup look, the first area you should work on is your eyes? Why? because it’s the first place that people see when they meet you and we all know how important those first impressions are. That’s why it’s important to find the best under eye concealers that can cover the most difficult under eye troubles like dark circles, veins and eye bags In this post, I will go over everything you need to know to find the right under eye concealer. I will also review and recommend the best ones...

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5 Best Drugstore Concealers in 2018

I love using drugstore concealers. They are inexpensive and usually satisfy my needs for everyday use. However, many people have a bad feeling towards drugstore makeup because they believe that drugstore brands can never have the same quality as department store brands. From my 10+ years of experience as a MUA, this is simply untrue. The key to success with drugstore makeup is to understand exactly what you are getting. If you know what’s in your makeup, drugstore brands can work wonders for you and your skin. In this post, I will go over some of the things you...

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