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How to Apply Eyeliner with Poor Eyesight

by Sandy Taylor

Eyeliners are staple in any eye makeup routine but they can be tricky to apply if you have poor eyesight. The good news is that there are some efficient tips and tricks that you can use to easily apply eyeliner even if you have poor eyesight.

The best way to apply eyeliner with poor eyesight is to apply it in front of a magnifying makeup mirror. Use gentle strokes and a waterproof eyeliner so that your eyeliner would not smudge. You may also consider applying your eyeliner in sections or use transparent tape to mask off your wing.

In this post, I connected with Patty Bell, an award-winning film and television makeup artist, esthetician, and member of the New York hair and makeup union. Patty has advised many clients who struggle with applying eyeliner including those with bad eyesight. Patty provided some tips below.

Tips to Apply Eyeliner with Poor Eyesight

Get a Magnifying Makeup Mirror

It’s recommended to use a magnifying makeup mirror if you have poor eyesight. Try to sit down with your elbows on the tabletop. This will help to keep your hands steady. Lean in closer if you need to get a better look at where you are applying your eyeliner.

Use a Liner with a Precise Tip

When applying eyeliner, your pencil must be sharp to get a precise line. Since you are having trouble seeing, it’s best to focus and apply the liner correctly and to minimize re-dos.

Use Gentle Strokes & Waterproof Products

Difficulty seeing the location of your application means there is a chance that you might accidentally poke your eye with your liner. By using gentle strokes, you minimize the chances of getting insured during your eyeliner application.

Start with light, feathery strokes on the upper lash line. Don’t be afraid to get it as close to the lash line as possible, even if you get it on your lashes. The goal with eyeliner is to look like you have full, lush lashes, so you want to work that liner into the roots if you can. Look for brands that are waterproof, smudge-proof & long-lasting. You never want to worry about your eyeliner smearing on you.

Tight line the liner, especially on the upper lash line. It’s easy to do. Simply looking down & gently line underneath your upper lash line!

Apply the Eyeliner in Sections

You may find it helpful to do your eyeliner in sections instead of everything at once. This allows your eyes to take a break and re-focus when you are ready to start again.

Split your lash line into 3 sections: Outer, Middle, and Inner.  Start from the outer corner and complete the Outer section first, then complete the Middle and Inner sections. You may find it helpful to start with the thicker section first and finish off with the thinner section.

Start Off With a Thin Line

It’s always easier to make a thin line thicker. Since you may not be able to see your line clearly, control the width of your line and apply with a thinner eyeliner first. You can go back later at a different angle or light setting to fix any mistakes and fill in the line to make it thicker.

Use Felt-Tip Type Eyeliners

Use a felt-tip liner instead of a brush. This allows you to focus on your eyeliner application without having to dip your brush back into the pot for more color. You want to be able to focus on your eyeliner application as you will not be seeing clearly, using a felt-tip liner gives you more control and will ensure a continuous flow of color.

Use Transparent Tape

If you will be creating a winged eyeliner look. You can use transparent tape to mask off the winged shape you want before applying your liner. This ensures that you won’t mess up your wing even if you have bad eyesight.

Here’s How To Use Transparent Scotch Tape to apply your eyeliner:

  1. Apply the tape at the outer corner of your eye starting your bottom lashes and angle it towards your temple. The angle you create with the tape here will be the angle of your wing.
  2. Apply eyeliner from the middle of your upper lash line towards the outer comer of your eye. Use short thin strokes.
  3. Draw your line along with the tape past the outer corner. It’s ok if your liner bleeds onto the tape.
  4. Remove the tape and reveal your wing.
  5. Go back to the middle of your upper lash line and finish the line by applying eyeliner from the middle towards your tear duct. Use short thin strokes.

Get Your Liner Tattooed

If you are still having trouble, look into getting your eyeliner tattooed! It will save so much time and it lasts for years.


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