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5 Best Eye & Face Makeup Tips For Blue Dress (From Experts)

by Sandy Taylor

Blue dresses are a great choice for special occasions such as weddings and prom. If you’re planning to wear a blue dress, you may be wondering what’s the best makeup that works well with your dress.

In this post, I connected with various beauty experts in the industry and asked them for their best tips for doing makeup with blue dresses.


What Kind of Makeup Goes with Light Blue Dress?

If you’re planning to wear a light blue dress, Alyssia Chang, founder of Prevail Beauty, suggests using a more natural look with nude or light pink lips and subtle eye makeup. This will help compliment the tone of the dress with the flow of the overall look on your face! The cooler tones of a light blue dress “pop” more with the nude or light pink on the lips.

What Colour Makeup Goes With Navy Blue?

For a navy blue dress, Alyssia suggests opting for a bolder lip color, like red or plum. Using a bolder lip will create a matching depth with the overall fashion look. It will also complement the deep blue to use a deeper lip shade!
Apply a neutral smoky eyeshadow look to make your blue dresses stand out. The best thing about blue dresses is the ability to dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Deeper blue can be more of a sultry shade, so it pairs perfectly with a gorgeous smoky eye look! This will make the eyes the focal point to give space between that and the bold dress tone.

What Colour Eye Makeup Goes with Blue Dress?

To determine which color of eye makeup goes with a blue dress, Vivi Mintara, Professional Makeup Artist and Founder of Eye Makeup Lab, suggests first taking a look at the color wheel.

If you look at the color wheel, both orange and red rest opposite blue. Orange is a brilliant color to pair with blue. However, Vivi thinks that coppery gold makeup is the best for blue dresses. This is because the shimmer in gold makeup successfully matches the glamour level of a dress!

Vivi suggests keeping the overall makeup look very lowkey, using nudes for skin makeup and pale pink for lips. Paired with this should be black eyelashes, and then a bold gold eyeliner! The neutral effect of the rest of the makeup look will force the gold to stand out around your eyes, and if you do a dramatic cat-eye with the liner, it will give the blue dress the perfect accompaniment that it deserves.

Make sure to draw the gold liner towards the inner corner of your eye, as well as the outer corner, to complete the dramatic look.

What Is the Best Makeup for Blue Dress on Dark Skin?

Blue is a universal color that compliments all skin tones and should be in every woman’s wardrobe, says Veronique McCoy, Founder, and CEO of Sun People Beauty.

However, blue is a tone that mutes brown skin tones. It drowns out undertones and diminishes the vibrance of melanin & dark skin. As a result, pairing the right makeup for a woman of color might prove challenging.

Here is the best makeup for a blue dress on dark skin:

Eyes – For all shades of blue, you will want to keep your eye makeup neutral. Select a shade for your eyelids that is close to your natural skin tone and use a darker brown for your crease to add depth. Add a pop of glam to your eye with black eyeliner and either mascara or eyelashes.

Cheeks – If you are wearing a standard or dark shade of blue, choose a red or violet blush to compliment your skin tone. This will help warm and return the color to your skin. If you are wearing a light or pastel shade of blue, a blush in the mauve or pink family will accomplish the same warming effect but in a more subtle way.

Lips – Red lip shades are the shade of choice to wear with a standard blue dress. This will tie in the blush shade and make your face and skin tone pop. For lighter shades of blue, pair pink or hot pink lip shades (depending on the blush shade chosen and your skin tone) to brighten your face and tone with little effort (add a little clear gloss to make it pop). Berries and reds are the best choice for darker blues to bring attention back to your face and unmute your skin tone.

What Eyeshadows Go with Blue?

The color wheel is a great tool to use when looking for eyeshadow colors that complement a blue dress, says Anjeh Alexander, a licensed cosmetologist currently providing hair and makeup services to PA, NJ, and NY.

The colors directly across from the color blue on the wheel would look best.

Since blue is a cool color, it would go great with warm colors. Colors like coral, peach, brown, and gold go perfectly with blue as they are warm colors that are directly across from blue on the color wheel.

A full look can consist of gold eyeshadow, coral blush, and peach lipstick. A smokey eye is a perfect match for a blue dress. It gives a sultry look that is great for a night out.

It is best to play down the cheeks and lips when doing a smokey eye. Smokey eyes can include various colors that can complement the specific shade of blue. For example, if it’s a deep shade of blue like navy, metallics like gold would look best. If it’s a lighter shade like baby blue, warm pastels like peach would be perfect.

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