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Bushy Eyebrows: Are They Attractive? How To Trim Them?

by Sandy Taylor

Bushy brows are becoming a hot trend. If you’re looking to rock the bushy brows look, there are some things you should know before getting started.

In this post, I will go over what it means to have bushy eyebrows and explain why they are attractive. I will also explain how you can make your brows bushy and tips to trim and maintain them for men and women.


What Does It Mean If You Have Bushy Eyebrows?

Naturally bushy eyebrows are a product of genetics. Throughout the world, there are denominations of people that have thicker eyebrows, or hair in general, than others. There are dozens of factors that play into this, but none of them are in control of the person who has them.

Age and what sorts of hormones you have in your body also play key roles in how thick your eyebrows are. Again, there’s not much you can do to combat these factors. In the end, it all depends on your genetic makeup as to whether or not you’ll have natural bushy eyebrows.

Are Bushy Eyebrows Attractive?

Beauty should be relative in this day and age, but the trends that form don’t focus on that. Bushy eyebrows were once seen as unappealing, men and women alike trimming their brows down to thin lines. Now, the opposite is true; bushy eyebrows are attractive.

Thick, full eyebrows have become a fashion staple, especially among the social media apps on the internet. Celebrities with thick brows such as Robert Pattinson, Cara Delevingne, Zachary Quinto, Lily Collins, and Dave Franco are adored by fans for their distinct looks. The fact that these actors, even with some of them having not been in the spotlight for a few years, are considered some of the most attractive in the industry is a telling sign that the thicker brows are not deterring from their looks.

How Do You Get Bushy Eyebrows?

One of the simplest and cost-effective ways to get bushy eyebrows is to stop whatever maintenance you’re performing on them. Don’t tweeze, shape, or clip them for a few months in order to see how much growth you can attain. If you’re satisfied, you can begin your routine with your unplucked brows.

If just letting them grow isn’t effective, then your next step is something that also doesn’t cost too much. All you’ll need is a powder that matches your eyebrow color or an eyebrow filler, a bar of soap, and a spoolie. From there, just follow the below steps:

Step 1: With your powder or eyebrow filler, gently fill in beginning in the middle of your brow. Focus the powder or filler in the sparser areas of your brow. Don’t apply too much too fast, as this can lead to clumping later on.

Step 2: After you’ve filled in your brows, grab your bar of soap and splash a bit of water on it. Make sure that the soap you’re using is good for sensitive skin, as you could learn the hard way that the top of your face doesn’t react well to certain bar soaps.

Step 3: Take your spoolie and scrape it over where you splashed the water on the soap. The water makes it easier to work with, but if you have a soft bar, you can skip Step 2 and go straight to 3. Once you have a thin coating on your spoolie, you can stop scraping.

Step 4: Take your spoolie and run it in an upwards motion along your brows, making sure that you’re not pressing too hard. The soap is a substitute for brow wax, so you don’t need to use a lot to get results. Make sure that you’re slightly slanting your brush, so that it doesn’t make your eyebrow hairs stand vertical on your face.

Step 5: Press your fingers gently against your brows to set everything together. The spoolie should have blended any makeup clumps into your brows, but using touch will be the best way to find them if you didn’t get them all.

Step 6: An optional step, but can definitely provide a more dramatic look is to put a bit of highlighter just under your brows. It’ll help make your eyebrows pop and draw attention to their thickness.

How To Trim And Shape Bushy Eyebrows For Men?

In most cases, men have thicker body hair than women and their eyebrows are not exempt. For some men, keeping their brows natural is as simple as brushing them out from time to time and shaping from there. This method is simple, but there’s other ways that a man can shape and trim their eyebrows.

For a more natural look, stick to a simple brush to work out your hair, then utilize a small pair of scissors to shape your brows from there. Utilizing a razor isn’t ideal, as the blades are larger and you could make the mistake of shaving off more than you want. There are far too many comedy movies with scenes of “trimming” eyebrows that have led to a whole brow coming off and fiction mirrors reality far too often.

Microblading is another way to shape your brows without many tools. Depending on how thick your brows are, microblading may need to be a next step after either tweezing or trimming, instead of being the only step. Microblading gives you more control over what you’re getting rid of and is a nice way to shape your brow without relying on larger equipment.

How To Trim And Shape Bushy Eyebrows For Women? 

Women tend to lean to a more detailed approach to eyebrow upkeep. We’ll utilize tools that are smaller, but allow us more control over what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. There is a formula that is in place for women, not so much for men, regarding grooming, so it’s not hard to find the tools we need to create a manicured brow.

Tweezing is a simple and affordable option for women to shape their brows. This method is best used for upkeep on already trimmed brows, since it can be a bit hard to try and shape your brows with just tweezers. A tried and true method that seems to have withstood the test of time, this should be a first line of defense against unruly brows.

For shaping your brows, using a spoolie and a small pair of scissors is ideal to do at home. If you’re looking for a professional to assist you, then waxing or threading your brows are viable options. It may cost a bit of money but, if you find you don’t have a talent for shaping and tending to your brows, it’s money well spent.

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