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Casual Eye Makeup Step-By-Step Guide (Tips + Pictures)

by Sandy Taylor

Did you know that you can do a lot with your eyes? You can talk, seduce, flirt and influenced others with them. That’s why having the right eye makeup can make all the difference in how you interact with others. That’s right! all you need is the right makeup.

In this post, we will go over the basics that you need to know and provide a step by step guide so you can go for a casual eye makeup look.


Creating the Casual Eye Makeup Look (Step-By-Step)

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Applying your casual eye makeup should go in this order:

  1. Apply some concealer to hide the dark areas under the eyes
  2. Use eyeshadow primer on the eyelids so that the rest of the makeup can blend smoothly and last longer
  3. Apply eyeliner in a very thin line, contouring only the eyelid
  4. Put some eyeshadow in neutral or earthy shades to create an impressionable look and to cover up any veins and other flaws
  5. Highlight your inner eye with the lightest eyeshadow you have and the thinnest brush you got in your makeup purse. This will make the eyes “pop”
  6. Define your eyebrows with some wax and powder applying them directly on the brows. Under them you can put some of the super light shadows you have
  7. Use a lash curler to make your lashes voluptuous and curled. You can even blow some hot air onto the eyelash curler before you curl your eyelashes because this will even enhance the effect, although you have to test the hotness of the metal so that you don’t end up burning your eyelids.
  8. Finally, apply the mascara as a finishing touch. You need to start at the bottom and wiggle your way up the lashes. You can do two or three layers depending on the effect you want to have.

Tips For Doing Casual Eye Makeup

Always Carry Mascara

Nowhere without mascara“. That is the Golden Rule. Even if you leave out all the other eye makeup products,  mascara should always be within your reach. It is important because mascara helps you define your eyelashes. When you buy mascara, first decide the kind of effect you want it to have on your lashes: do you want the mascara to lengthen, curl or boost the volume of your lashes?

For example, you can opt for a lengthening mascara that will coat each one of your lashes with silicone and make them visually longer or buy one with a super-lifting formula that will curl your lashes without the need to use a lash curler. Also, keep in mind that the shape of the brush on the wand can give you an idea of what your eyelashes will look like once you apply the mascara.

Wear waterproof mascara only occasionally, when it is really necessary and before applying it and make sure you use some primer to condition the lases first, as the waterproof formula is known to dry the eyelashes, eventually damaging them.

Pick A Quality Eyeshadow and Primer 

The next thing you must have is a quality eyeshadow primer which you can use as a base to apply your favorite eyeshadow. The primer makes sure that your eyeshadow will stay in place even if you find yourself in the middle of the rain or if you sweat a lot.

The eyeshadow should be preferably made from natural ingredients and it would be even better if you can find an organic one which will not only be eco-friendly, but will also support the health of the skin of your eyes. For a casual look, you don’t need any strong color as a little bit of pigmentation will do the job.

Use Liquid Eyeliner

The next thing that is a must is an eyeliner that will define the eyes and add a just a touch of drama. For a casual look, you only need a thin line along the shape of the eye ending it in a fluttering wing. If you are out and about during the day or at work, you will probably need a waterproof eyeliner which will prevent your makeup from running on your face.  For best results, it is recommended to use an eyeliner liquid pen which grants precision in application.

makeup brushesChoose The Right Eyeshadow Brushes

Of course, you need a brush to apply the eyeshadow. As there are lots of different kinds of brushes, you might be wondering which one is most suitable and which one you need to buy to apply your eyeshadow. The answer is an all-over brush that will cover the whole eyelid in just one swipe.

You also need a crease brush, which is a smaller, rounded brush that can get into creases when you want to add a darker shade to define your eyes. Finally,  you are going to need an eyeliner brush, which is small, flat and angled brush that is used to line the eyes or to add a bit of brow powder to thin eyebrows.

Get A Eyebrow Kit

Of course, the casual eye makeup look will never be complete if your eyebrows are not done as well. For that purpose, you are going to need tweezers to remove the unwanted hairs and keep the eyebrows in perfect shape. Then, in order to enhance them, you need an eyebrow kit with wax and powder for precise definition. The wax will get them in the wanted form and make sure every hair is in place and the colored powder will enhance their color tone. The color must complement the skin complexion and resemble the natural tone of the eyebrows. In fact, it must look as natural as possible.


About the Author:  Ivana from Neveya Cosmetics is a writer who loves to shares her thoughts on practical things for every day activities. She also enjoys writes inspirational stories and tackles everyday situations in her texts.

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