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How to Contour Nose with Bump on Bridge

by Sandy Taylor

If you have a bump on your nose, you’ve probably wondered if there are quick ways to make it look straighter. The good news is that there is and with the right makeup techniques, you can easily contour your nose to make the bump look less apparent.

In this post, I connected with Stephanie Ivonne, a Licensed Esthetician who serves on the advisory board for Smart Style Today I asked Stephanie to give me her best tips on how to contour a dorsal hump nose (a.k.a nose with bump)

Stephanie told me that when it comes to an aquiline nose, there is a certain way to contour in order to make it appear straighter. The main tip is to contour the bump!

Doing so hides it, creating an illusion that the bridge of the nose is smooth. You achieve this by adding your favorite quality highlighter below the bump as well as the dip above.

It’s easy to disguise the appearance of the bridge and can take a couple of minutes to properly do. Most importantly it’s the blending that will make it or break it. Blending thoroughly creates a natural look rather than a ‘dirty’ look when it’s applied sloppily.

Here’s How to Contour Nose with Bump on Bridge:

  1. First using a nose contouring brush a darker shade needs to be applied on the bump using an ashy shade or a matte bronzer. You don’t want to use a light shade on the bump as it will not only draw attention to it but it will ‘bring it forward’. Remember light colors bring forward, dark colors
    push back making things less obvious.
  2. Blend, blend, blend.
  3. Once fully blended, using a nose highlighting brush applies the highlighter on the top of your nose avoiding the bump.
  4. Lastly, with the same nose highlighting brush you will apply highlighter on the down the rest of your nose including on the tip. Doing so you’re drawing attention to the tip of the nose rather than the bump.

After contouring the bump on your nose, it’s also a good idea to contour your nose to make it look a bit shorter. This will make the bump less apparent. Check out my guide on how to contour your nose to make it look shorter when you have a chance!

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