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How to Cover Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes with Makeup

by Sandy Taylor

There could be a number of different reasons why you have dark circles around your eyes. Unfortunately, no matter how you ended up with dark circles, they simply are not pleasing to look at and if you are in a hurry, then using makeup to cover them is your best bet.

Here is a list of makeup tricks that you can use to cover the dark circles around your eyes!


How to Cover Dark Circles with Foundation

Foundation is a liquid, cream, or powdered makeup used to make the overall appearance of facial skin look even. As a base, it covers flaws and imperfections. Foundation is a perfect solution to covering under eye bags and dark circles.

To use foundation to cover dark circles:

  1. Add a dab of foundation to the back of your hand to warm the product.
  2. Using the tip of your ring finger of the opposite hand, put a dab of foundation under your eyes, directly on the dark areas.
  3. Using that same ring finger, lightly tap the foundation around the eye until dark area is covered.
  4. Once you’re dark under-eye circles are covered to your satisfaction, set the foundation under eyes with setting powder

Additional Tip:

Use a Concealer and Foundation – If you’ve already got a matching concealer and foundation, add a thin layer of the concealer around the eyes, then blend it with your foundation. In some cases, using a foundation alone wouldn’t be good enough. You might end up using way too much foundation around the eyes in order to cover the dark circles. Using the concealer and foundation combination is the way to go. It’s a bonus if you already have these products in your makeup inventory so nothing more to buy! Don’t know how to apply concealer or foundation? Check out my tutorial here!

How to Cover Dark Circles with Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is makeup used to add color to the lids of eyes and comes in hundreds of colors. For those with undereye darkness that sits directly on the lower lash line, eyeshadow can be applied to brighten that area instead of using a harsh eyeliner. This technique helps open the eyes up by adding a tiny pop of color under the eye.

To use eyeshadow to cover undereye circles:

  1. You can either use the eyeshadow color used on your top eyelid or find a matte eyeshadow that is a shade or two lighter than your skin color.
  2. Lightly dampen a small, soft-dome or pointed makeup brush.
  3. Use a light hand to add color to the brush.
  4. Trace the lower lash line with the color to cover darkness.
  5. Remember to be light-handed to avoid creasing.

Optional Step:

Use an Eye primer –  Simply apply a thin layer of eye primer around the dark circles before applying the eye-shadow. The eye primer will help the eye shadow stick better while giving you the added benefit of covering the dark circles.

How to Cover Dark Circles with BB Cream.

BB cream is an alternative to foundation and offers a moisturized, youthful look. It contains ingredients to hydrate, protect with SPF, and illuminate the skin. Many women use bb cream for its sheer coverage and as a break from a full face of makeup. BB cream is perfect for women who have not developed deep, dark undereye circles.

To use BB cream to cover undereye circles:

  1. Using a fluffy makeup brush, lightly press a thin layer of pressed powder under your eyes.
  2. Do not brush excess powder product away. The powder gives the bb cream something which to cling.
  3. Using a bb cream that is a shade lighter than your skin color, apply a small amount on the back of your hand.
  4. With the ring finger of the opposite hand, lightly dab the bb cream around your eyes where the dark circles appear.
  5. BB cream is buildable; therefore, continue to dab add until you are satisfied with the coverage over dark circles.

How to Cover Dark Circles with Red Lipstick

Pulling off wearing red lips successfully depends on the undertones of your skin and the same goes for using red lipstick for covering dark circles under eyes. The undertones of your skin helps determine what colors you look good in and pick the right red lipstick for you. The dark undereye circles on fair skin typically have green undertones.

The theory of using red lipstick to cover dark circles under the eyes is color cancellation based on the color wheel. Directly across the color wheel from green is red, which means those colors cancel each other. (Fun fact: if you have red blemishes on your face, green makeup will cover them).

There are two ways to apply to lipstick under eyes: 

  • Using a small eyeshadow brush, lightly apply red lipstick to the tip of the brush
  • Apply lipstick directly from the tube to the dark area.

To use red lipstick under the eyes to cover dark circles:

  1. Using a clean, small fluffy makeup brush, lightly blend red lipstick to smooth out harsh edges
  2. Do not try to rub the red lipstick into your skin. It should remain red and will look weird until covered with concealer.
  3. Let the lipstick sit a minute or two before applying concealer over it.
  4. Using a makeup sponge, cover the red areas with concealer.

Additional Tip:

Use Orange Lipstick –  Did you know that orange is directly across from blue on the color wheel? This means when you apply the orange lipstick (thin layer only please), the lipstick will neutralize the blue color, making your dark circles less visible. 

How to Cover Dark Circles with Orange Concealers

As the name implies, concealers are made for concealing blemishes and dark marks. It is heavier than most other makeup and can be worn alone in certain areas or under foundation. Orange concealers are great for dark skin and similar to red lipstick, orange is across the color wheel from blue and cancels out that color.

To use orange concealers to cover undereye circles:

  1. Use a clean flat eyeshadow brush.
  2. Lightly apply orange concealer to your brush.
  3. Tap the product into the skin to completely cover the dark undereye circles.
  4. Using a soft fluffy eyeshadow brush, lightly blend out the orange concealer.
  5. Do not try to make it blend completely into the skin – you just want to blend out harsh lines.
  6. Using a makeup sponge, cover the orange areas with concealer.

Use an Eye Cream 

If you’re willing to spend some money, there are some excellent eye creams on the market today. These creams are designed to visibly diminish the appearance of dark circles, reduce puffiness and eye bags, decrease wrinkles and creases. The good thing about these creams is that there is not much experimenting you need to do. You can hide those dark circles easily, even if you are just starting out with makeup.

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