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How to Draw Moles & Other Beauty Marks on Face

by Sandy Taylor

Drawing moles and other beauty marks on the face is easy. All you need is an eyebrow pencil, some makeup foundation, and a steady hand.


Step-By-Step Guide To Drawing Moles and Other Beauty Marks

Step 1 – Choose the Perfect Spot: Common areas that many people often go for are above the lips, on the cheeks, or above your eyebrows. The most ideal spot is one with unblemished skin.

If you found the perfect spot but it does have some blemishes, simply apply a thin layer of concealer on top and blend it in gently with a foundation. This reduces the contrast of your natural skin color and makes drawing easier.

Step 2 – Draw Your Mole or Beauty Mark:  With a waterproof eyebrow pencil, make an outline for your beauty mark or mole. Drawing moles are much simply because they are essentially just a dot. Once you have finished with the outline of your beauty mark, fill it in with your eyebrow pencil.

To keep your hand steady while working, rest your fingers on your face.

Step 3 – Set Your Makeup with Powder:  Apply a thin layer of translucent facial powder on your face with a makeup brush. The little dusting of powder will aid in the blend-in of your mole or beauty mark and give it a more realistic appearance.

To remove your mole or beauty mark, use a liquid eye makeup remover soaked in a cotton ball and rub it on your beauty mark to remove it.

How to Make a Fake Mole Permanent

The easiest way to make your fake mole permanent is to tattoo it directly on your face or skin.

However, if you want to add more dimensions to your mole, you may opt for a fake mole that you can stick to your skin. You can do this easily with spirit gum.

Note that “permanent” in the context of this post simply means to make your mole stay on your face as long as possible. The methods presented below are great for making your mole “permanent” for a few days.  However, they are not recommended for a long period of time.

Use Spirit Gum

You can use the method below to use spirit gum to stick your fake mole onto your skin.

Step 1: Paint a thin layer of eyelash adhesive around the mole area. Tap on the spirit gum until it’s tacky. If your spirit gum is not tacky, your mole will have a hard time sticking to it.

Step 2: Apply your fake mole on top of the tacky spirit gum.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of foundation around the edges of your mole. Use your fingers or a brush to blend it in completely.

Step 4: Lightly set your fake mole and makeup with powder for a natural look.

To remove the spirit gum, you will need to brush spirit gum remover into the edges of your mole to dissolve the spirit gum.

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