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Easy E-Girl Makeup Looks (Soft, Grunge, Kawaii, Hooded Eyes)

by Sandy Taylor

The e-girl trend is all the hype these days. In this post, we will go over some tips and tricks that you can do to pull off a soft e-girl, grunge e-girl and  kawaii e-girl looks. We will also provide a step-by-step guide to do e-girl makeup on hooded eyes.


What Is E-Girl Makeup?

E-girl makeup is a trend that is a mixture of the emo style of the early 2000s and the punk-rock styles of the 90s, with a dramatic flare added. This trend has been made popular by the mobile app TikTok, but there have been makeup trends before the app that could have influenced its sudden rise.

The e-girl look consists of heavy eyeliner and large false lashes, eye makeup that is colorful and may contain designs made with eyeliner, dramatic lip colors that pull the look together, and designs made on other parts of the face.

This makeup look is most commonly found online through photo sharing and video sharing websites and apps. There is no set e-girl look, which allows for everyone to create several different aesthetics while keeping the foundation of what e-girl looks are built upon.

The look is extremely versatile, breaking through different aesthetic boundaries as well as gender norms. E-boys who adopt the doe-eyed look are becoming more prevalent, allowing this particular trend to be very inclusive to any and all who wish to participate. 

How To Do Soft E-Girl Makeup

A soft e-girl makeup look consists of a more subdued version of what is considered e-girl makeup. The soft look is more natural, utilizing colors that are still vibrant, but work more with the wearer’s skin tone instead of providing more dramatic contrasts. The soft e-girl look is a great look for going out with friends; it makes a statement without going overboard.

Soft e-girl makeup also relies heavily on blush. Focus on applying it to the apples of your cheeks, then have it connect both of your cheeks through application on the bridge of your nose. This flushed look has become a staple to create e-girl vibes. Touch up your cheeks with eyeliner-drawn freckles or small stars or hearts to accentuate the look.

Soft e-girl makeup still relies on accentuating your eyes. The goal is to create a doe-eyed look that makes your eyes look larger. Try using a white eyeliner on your bottom eyelid to create the illusion that your eye is larger. Use long, false lashes or a heavy mascara to bring the focus to your eyes.

For eye shadow, you can keep it a bit more natural, but still work with colors that pop on your skin tone. Use a softer brush to blend the colors on your lids and around your eyes. Then finish off the look with dark eyeliner to complete the contrast. You can use the liner to create different designs instead of a cat’s eye. Experiment with different colors and designs to see what works best for you! 

What Is Grunge Makeup?

Grunge makeup is a throwback to the makeup looks of the 1990s. This look is not complete without copious amounts of mascara, smokey-eye styled eyeshadow, matte lipstick, smudged eyeliner, and dark painted nails. Grunge makeup keeps the colors simple, while letting the darkness of the look create a stunning contrast.

Grunge makeup doesn’t necessarily have to have you going full goth with black everything, but the goal is to accentuate your features with darker colors. Grunge makeup can be paired with other styles to create an alternative look that will surely turn heads.

How To Do Grunge E-Girl Makeup

Grunge e-girl makeup keeps the focus of dramatic lines to accentuate your facial features, but the colors utilized remain dark or black. Any light colors that are used on your eyes should not be popping out, but need to remain subdued in comparison to the eyeliner and mascara being used.

Lipstick colors can range, depending on what features you’re attempting to accentuate. If you want to make your eyes pop, consider a nude or barely changed lip color to keep the focus on your eyes. If you want to bring a look together, work off of your skin tone to find a color that works for you, then darken the shade you chose. Your lips shouldn’t be too shiny, so keep your lipstick matte.

Another material to utilize with a grunge e-girl look is glitter. Sparkling eye shadow or eyeliner paired with a neutral or natural lip color can keep the focus on your eyes and create a dramatic look. Unlike other e-girl looks and aesthetics, blush isn’t necessary for the grunge look. If you still want to utilize it, keep it looking as natural as possible. 

How To Do E-Girl Makeup On Hooded Eyes (Step-By-Step)

With the popularity of e-girl makeup, lots of people are willing to try out the style to see if it suits them. However, some people shy away from such dramatic makeup because their face shape or eyelid space doesn’t allow them to access the makeup’s full effect.

As with most trends that have been created on the internet, there are several hacks out there that people have experimented with to be able to create their desired aesthetic without their makeup looking off or odd because of their face or eye shape.

E-girl makeup relies heavily on a winged eyeliner that can be dressed up to create a certain aesthetic. For those who have hooded or other tapered eye shapes, there’s not a lot of room on their lids to have the complete look without it looking a bit silly. With the innovation of e-girls from around the world, the winged look can be used on hooded eyes with just a few tweaks:

Step 1: To keep the e-girl aesthetic, use a dark, liquid liner in order to better draw your wings.

Step 2: Instead of going straight to the edge of your eye to draw the wing, draw a line that extends the look of your eyelid. You’ll need to draw a downward sloping line at the outer end of the eyelid that extends beyond your natural eye crease.

Step 3: From that line, you can draw your wing. This gives a more natural curve to your eye and has the wing look more natural than just having it look like a tilted triangle.

Step 4: Do the same thing on your other eye.

Step 5: Accentuate your winged eyeliner by including any designs or added lines to draw more attention to your eye.

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