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How to Make Your Eyes Look Asian With or Without Makeup

by Sandy Taylor
Disclaimer: This post presents beauty and makeup techniques that helps people achieve an oval or almond shaped Asian eyes look. We understand that not all people of Asian decent have oval or almond shaped eyes. This post is not intended to single out a particular ethic group or to view a particular ethic group in a certain way.

At Foundationfairy.com, we believe in diversity and inclusion.  We have site visitors from all over the world and we try to tailor our content for every type of audience.

This post simply serves as information to help readers achieve their desired look and makeup goals.

If you are not of Asian decent but want to get the Asian eyes look, it is achievable with a few simple makeup techniques. If you don’t want to use makeup, I’ve included some tips below for making your eyes look Asian with glasses.


How to Make Your Eyes Look Asian with Eyeliner

Asian eyes tend to be almond-shaped, so in order to make your eyes look Asian, you need to mimic an oval or almond shape with your eye makeup. Eyeliner is a great tool to elongate your eyes.

Here’s How to Make your Eyes Look Asian With Eyeliner:

Step 1 – Choose a high-quality eyeliner that will not smudge or bleed.

Step 2 – You want to start with a light-colored eye shadow as a beginning base and apply a very light eyeshadow to your upper lid.

Step 3 – Start at the corner of your eye and draw a thin line on your top eyelid until you reach the end of your eyelid.

Step 4 – Draw slightly past the end of your eyelid into an upturned curve.

Step 5 – Repeat with your other eye.

Curving your eyeliner upward will help give your eyes the appearance of an almond shape, giving you more of an Asian look. You will need to use a steady hand. Leaning your elbow on the table can help to steady a shaky hand. If you do fudge your lines, you can always apply a little baby oil to the tip of a cotton swab and simply “erase” any mistakes before starting over again.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Asian with Tape

Tape is another great tool to have in your arsenal. Tape will help pull your skin and allow you to shape your eyes exactly the way you want. You can purchase transparent beauty tape from most drugstores or beauty supply stores.

Here’s How to Make your Eyes Look Asian With Tape:

Step 1 – Place small strips of tape on the sides of your eyes and pull each strip back. Try to place the tape strips as close to your hairline as possible to help hide them.

Step 2 – You will then want to use a good foundation to cover up the strips or style your hair in a way that hides them. The tape strips will help pull your eyes in an oval shape and can be adjusted if needed throughout the day. If the tape is applied to clean, dry skin, they should last with minimal adjusting.

Some tapes may be more difficult to use if you have delicate or sensitive skin due to varying adhesion. If you are planning on going swimming or if you will be working out and sweating, you will want to look for a waterproof tape so that it stays in place.

How to Make Eyes Look Asian with Makeup

The technique presented below uses a few more makeup items than just your eyeliner. It is a bit more work but the results are worth the time.

Here’s How to Make Eyes Look Asian with Makeup:

Step 1 – Start by making your eyebrows appear more elongated by defining them with a brow liner. If you have very thick eyebrows or if they form a unibrow, you may have to pluck, trim, or groom them to make them thinner.

Step 2 – Brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush and define the bottoms of your eyebrows with a concealer.

Step 3 – Set the concealer with a loose powder.

Step 4 – Apply a light shade of eyeshadow to your eyelids and below the corners of your eyes.

Step 5 – Start at the corners of your eyes and create an almond shape with your eyeliner. Don’t forget to trace the bottom of your eyelids to help make them appear less rounded.

Step 6 – Enhance the bottom and tops of your lids with a light highlighting pencil just under your eyeliner lines.

Step 7 – Use your finger tips to blend the highlight in a little for a more natural look.

Step 8 – Touch up the tops of your eyelids with a light eyeshadow, and soften the bottoms of your eyelids with a few strokes of your brush

How to Make Your Eyes Look Asian with Glasses

Not all glasses are created equal, and choosing the right pair can help to make your eyes look more Asian.

Large Round Frames

Large frames are very chic, as well as flattering to the Asian look. Thick, dark-colored frames, with round lenses also known as “nerdy” frames, really bring out almond-shaped eyes.


Choose Earth Tone Frames

If you already have dark-colored eyes, you will want to choose a pair of frames that feature earth tones such as brown, green, or tortoiseshell for the most flattering look. Angular frames work great too.


Non-Prescription Lenses

If you don’t need to wear glasses, you can always wear non-prescription lenses. If you have very light-colored eyes, you may even want to consider getting colored contact lenses to darken them since many Asians have a brown or very dark eye color.


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