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How to Fix Downturned Eyebrows (Step By Step Guide)

by Sandy Taylor

Having downturn eyebrows is a beautiful thing but if you’re looking to make your eyebrows appear less downturned, you can easily achieve great results with a few makeup tricks.

The best way to fix downturned eyebrows is to use a high-pigment cream concealer to “re-shape” your eyebrows by covering up unwanted hair. Downturn eyebrows usually have a steep downward angle toward the tail of the brow so by building up more concealer towards the tail of your brows, you can create an illusion of a higher brow. 

In order to bring you the best information, I connected with Kerrin Jackson, a multiple Emmy Award nominee and founder of  Utter Musings, to share with me her best tips for fixing downturned eyebrows.

Kerrin explains that when you are trying to change or alter a feature on your face with makeup, it’s important to utilize the principles of light and shade to create illusions. This is no different when you are trying to upturn your eyebrows if they happen to be ones that go south on the outer edges.

Generally, corrective work in makeup is about lifting and elongating in order to flatter your face and to look more youthful. With a little subtle makeup trickery, your can turn your frowning eyebrows upside down!

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  1. Cleanse your face and prepare it for your makeup application.
  2. Study your brows and remove eyebrow hairs from the outer and under areas of your brow that contribute to the downturn angle of your brows. You are not looking to remove a lot of hair here. You just want to clean the outer edges to make your brows appear slightly less downturned.
  3. Lightly moisturize your face and apply eye cream. This will help your under-eye concealer sit beautifully.
  4. Apply your foundation.
  5. Apply your under-eye concealer.
  6. Begin working on the corrective makeup applied to your brows to help them appear more upturning. I suggest a high-pigment cream concealer, in a shade lighter than your foundation. This will give you the best coverage. With a light hand, apply this onto your eyebrows that you can “cheat” as being invisible.
  7. Start with a small amount of concealer. Gradually build up until you are happy with the number of hairs covered and the angle of the new brow you have created. Remember, the idea is to create the illusion of a higher brow that doesn’t angle downwards at the outside. By going over your own brow hairs with a flesh tone, you can give the look of kicking it up and giving it a “lift”.
  8. Give your concealed brow areas a light powder with a puff or small sponge once you are happy with your concealing. Remember to press the powder in, not drag. This will set the product and also help to flatten the hairs a little.
  9. Highlight above your outer brow to put focus on this area, which is another simple shading and highlighting trick to lift your brows upwards and outwards.
  10. Fill in and enhance your own brows in the color of your choice. Build up above the outer edge of your brows to lift them up. This darkening will create a new eyebrow angle that you can shift upwards instead of your own original brow angle.

Additional Tips

  1. You can use your eyeshadow to help create the illusion of lift by shading in your crease line on the outer half of your eyelid and bringing the shading tone up quite high on the lid. This will help create an upward angle from the center of your eye out.
  2. You can help elevate your brows by wearing your hair in a half-up style. This is a non-makeup “lifting” approach. It will help draw the eye upwards from your brows to your hair and create the lift you are searching for.

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