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How To Fix Eyebrows That Are Too Far Apart (w/Video)

by Sandy Taylor

People who have a large space between their eyebrows often want to know the quickest and easiest way to fix it. The large gap could be caused by over-plucking or have occurred naturally.

In this post, I will present a few methods that you can consider if you want to fix your eyebrows that are too far apart.

Here is a before and after photo of what we are trying to achieve:


As shown in our model’s photo above, fixing the large gap between your eyebrows can give your eyes an instant boost, making them more bold and beautiful.

If instead you find that your eyebrows are different shapes, check out my tutorial on how to fix eyebrows that are different shapes.

Ready to get started? Follow these methods:

How Far Apart Should Eyebrows Be?

The correct space between your eyebrows should equal the width of your nose (edge to edge between your nostrils). If you create a perpendicular line from one of your nostrils to your eyebrow on the same side, your eyebrow should start at the point where the line and your brow intersect.

An easy way to test if you have a large space between your eyebrows is to use the Large Gap Test described below.

The Large Gap Test

First, you need to figure out if your eyebrows are actually far apart or they just seem far apart to you.

Here’s how to perform the large gap test:

Step 1 – Hold a pencil against your right nostril and point it straight up. The point where your brow intersects with the pencil is where your brow should start. If you discover that your brow and pencil do not intersect but instead, your brow starts further towards the right, it could mean that you have a large gap between your eyebrows.

Step 2 – Perform step 1 above on your left eye. If your brow starts further towards the left, it means you probably have a large gap between your eyebrows.


Our model performed the “Large Gap Test” here and determined that her eyebrow and the line she made with her brow pencil did not cross. This means she has a large gap.

The large gap may be caused by your left eyebrow being too far left or your right eyebrow being too far right. It could also be that both your left and right eyebrows are too far left or right of where they should begin.

By performing this test, you will know which eyebrow you want to fix in order to “close the gap”.

Fill the Gap

Now that you know which eyebrow you need to fix, the simplest and easiest solution is to fill in the gap.

Here’s How to Fill the Large Gap Between Your Eyebrows:

Step 1 – Using your brow pencil, mark the start point of the brow you want to fix. This point should have been determined using the large gap test above.


Step 2 – Draw an angled line at the start of your brow. This line will determine how you want the start of your to brow to look.

Note: This is also a great opportunity to fix your eyebrow shape if you have un-even brows. As shown in the images, our artist also created marks at the arch and tail of the brow. This provides a guide for her to ensure that her eyebrows look even when she fills them in. For details on how to do this, check out my post on how to fix eyebrows that are different shapes.

Step 3 – From the top of your natural brow, draw a line to connect to the top of the line you drew in step 2


Step 4 – From the bottom of your natural brow, draw a line to connect to the bottom of the line you drew in step 2.


Step 5 – The result of steps 3 and 4 should look like a box that extends your natural eyebrows. Steps 2 – 4 require some practice to get right.

Step 6 – Fill in the box you created and the rest of your eyebrows with brow pencil and mascara. If you need more help with this step, check out my guide on how to fill in eyebrows without looking fake where I presented a couple of great ideas for filling in eyebrows that look natural.


Got stuck? We created a video to show you the above makeup routine. Check out our step-by-step video below:


Get Microblading

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, Hannah Maruyama, a paramedical tattoo practitioner and
author from Honolulu, suggests getting microblading. Hannah suggests that micorblading helps balances your face and can recreate the appearance of hair in brows that grow too far apart, or have been overplucked or overwaxed.

How it works:

A tattoo practitioner will first draw out the shape of your eyebrows. You will have the final say as to how they should look. Make sure you are happy with the size of the gap between your eyebrows before letting the technical proceed.

The technician will create hundreds of tiny cuts into your skin. Each cut will implant pigments into the cut. The cuts and resulting pigments under your skin help build a texture that look like your own eyebrow hair.

The result is a beautiful tattoo eyebrow that looks natural. The results can last 18 months or longer. However, people with oily skin usually see around 12 months before needing a touch-up.

Let Them Grow Out

Letting your eyebrows grow out is the best way to fill the gap with natural lashes. Hannah also says that the best way to encourage your brows to grow is to leave them alone. she tells her clients this: you need to treat your brow hairs like flowers, not weeds.

Stop pulling them out, and let them grow. Plucking or waxing in one area can affect growth in other areas, surprisingly enough. Go on a six week no pluck or wax journey.

You can use scissors to brush up and trim, but leave them alone. They will grow back and then you can carefully pluck a few hairs to regain the crisp shape. Check out my guide on how to make unplucked eyebrows look good if you want to learn more!

You will look a little crazy, but resist the urge to pull and you will see a difference.

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