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5 Ways To Get Fluffy Hair: Out of Shower, Short Hair & More

by Sandy Taylor

The fluffy Alt hairstyle is popular these days. If you’ve wondered how to create a fluffy hairstyle, this post will go through 5 ways you can try.

A fluffy hairstyle is usually created using just a comb and hairdryer. We also go through a method to get fluffy hair out of the shower. You will learn how to get fluffy hair even if you have short hair or if you only want to fluff on a certain part of your hair (like the middle or the front).


How To Get The Fluffy Hair Look?

Fluffy hair is a style that combines the messiness of textured hair with the volume of a blowout. Not to be mistaken for poofy hair, fluffy hair is known for its more polished appearance and lack of frizz compared to poofy hair.

A simple way to get a fluffy-haired look is by using a hairdryer. Flip your hair upside down and use a hairdryer while combing through your hair with a hard brush, like boar bristle or extra firm nylon. These brushes will help give your hair more lift as you blow-dry since they are firm and can easily pull on hair to help you maneuver it.

The best type of product to use in your hair to get it looking fluffy is mousse. While some styling gels can dry hard and be heavy on your head, mousse is a foam so it doesn’t weigh your hair down after it dries. Using mousse in wet hair can allow the volumizing effects to last longer, as you’re able to work it into your wet hair and it’ll absorb quicker than if you were applying it to dry hair.

How To Make Your Hair Fluffy Naturally?

A simple way to get your hair looking fluffy is to get it cut with layers. Ask your stylist to create feathery layers or to ‘window’ your hair. Feathery layers are created with the use of a razor blade or feather razor, which can make your hair appear fluffier without any product.

“Windowing your hair” means your stylist will cut thinner sections of hair at different lengths. The shorter sections end up holding the longer ones up, which gives your hair a much more voluminous and fluffy look.

Another way to give your hair a fluffy look is to have it tied up in a loose bun or ponytail. The hairband you use is actually lifting up your roots, so when you take your hair out of the band, it’ll be a lot more voluminous than before.

Using root boosters that are present in shampoo or vitamin supplements will also help to make sure that your hair is much more fluffy.  Taking care of your hair’s health will make sure that it stays voluminous without the need for other products like curlers or hot irons. 

How To Get Fluffy Hair Out Of The Shower?

If you’re looking to get your hair from wet to fluffy, the quickest way is through the upside-down hair drying method detailed above. If you’re worried about putting too much heat on your hair, then the next best method would be a hair diffuser.

A hair diffuser on your blow dryer works best with hair that is naturally curly, as it will spread the heat out over your hair evenly in order to keep the shape of your curls while still maintaining the volume you’re looking for. Because the heat is being spread out evenly, this means that your hair will dry and fluff up without you constantly changing the position of your head.

While in the shower, using a volumizing shampoo can assist with making sure that your hair gets fuller and fluffier as time goes on. Continued use can assist with helping your hair grow thicker and produce less oil, which is the main reason why your hair can lose its fluffiness.

You’ll need to read the labels of the shampoo you choose, as volumizing shampoo can utilize some strong chemicals like sulfate and formaldehyde to make your hair appear fuller. These chemicals can end up damaging your hair after continued usage, so find a shampoo without these additives.

How To Get Fluffy Hair For People With Short Hair?

One of the best ways to achieve a fluffy-haired look when you have shorter hair is by teasing your hair. Teasing is when you backcomb your hair, making its volume expand. Backcombing only requires just a bit of length, so your short hair can be teased to create a fluffy look.

Another way to get your short hair looking fluffy is to keep some dry shampoo on hand. If you notice that your volume is being weighed down by oil from your hair, using dry shampoo can help to get rid of that residue and bring your volume back to where it was before.

Using a light mousse or styling cream can also give you a fluffy look. Be sure that whatever you’re using is a foam or light gel, as heavier products will weigh down your hair instead of making it fluffier. 

How To Get Only The Middle Or Front Part Of Hair Fluffy?

With shorter hairstyles, sometimes you’re only looking to fluff up the front or middle of your hair. The first step to any of these styles is to start with wet hair; wet hair is easier to work with and can have products worked into it more effectively than if it was dry.

To get a front fluffy look, take your wet hair and move your non-dominant hand through it from the top down, making sure that your fingers are weaved through the hair, but not covering all of it. Then, using a blowdryer, dry your hair by pointing the blow dryer up at your wet hair.

The hair between your fingers will rise as it dries, giving you more volume. Repeat these steps until the hair on the front of your head is dried. To keep the fluff from fading, use a mousse to keep a lasting volume by running your fingers through the just blow-dried hair.

For a middle part fluffy look, you’ll need a circular brush. Gather a section of your hair on one side of your head and roll it up using the brush. Then, apply heat to it using a hairdryer. Use your dryer on the ‘warm’ setting instead of ‘hot’ and, once your hair is just dry, use the ‘cool’ setting to finish up until your hair is fully dry. Then, just continue until your entire head is dry. 

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