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How To Make Hair Less Greasy After Straightening

by Sandy Taylor

Most hair experts agree that you should not wash your hair for at least 48 to 72 hours after straightening your hair. It takes time for your treatment to settle and if you wash your hair too early, your hair will revert back to it’s natural state, meaning you wasted your time and money.

However, people with oily hair know how uncomfortable it can get when their hair is not washed everyday. Going 3 days without washing their hair simply is not an option for them.

In this post, I connected with hair and beauty experts and asked them to share with me their best tips on how to make hair less greasy after straightening.

Here’s How to Make Hair Less Greasy After Straightening:

Avni Parekh, hairstyle blogger at LuvlyLongLocks, suggests that one of the best ways to make hair less greasy after straightening it is to apply a light-weight dry shampoo, her favourite is the Refresh & Go by Pureology because it’s 100% vegan.

To achieve picture-perfect results, follow these three easy steps outlined below:

  1. Hold the dry shampoo between four to six inches away from your hair.. Then lightly spray the area where your hair feels and looks most oily.
  2. Using your fingertips, evenly massage the product into your roots and scalp. Apply a little more product and repeat the process until your hair looks less greasy.
  3. After applying the dry shampoo, you can either smooth out your hair with a comb or brush. If you want to change the direction of your hair or create volume, then use a blow-dryer, set to cool air, on your roots to achieve the look you have in mind.

Wash Your Hair Before Hair Straightening

Cleaning your hair properly before straightening gives you more time before the oil builds up again after the straightening process. Although this may seem obvious, most people don’t take this step seriously.

Cheron Hamner, a 20 year hair professional from Bespoke Salon located in Atlanta Ga, comments that most women are missing the mark by not shampooing their hair twice.

Cleansing once does not allow for all the products that have been accumulated between shampoos to be removed. We have to consider the products used as well as environmental issues such as dirt and allergens. A shampoo rinse and repeat process makes sure that everything is removed. Especially when you factor in many of us are using sulfate free cleaners which have a gentler method of breaking down dirt and typically doesn’t lather on the first go round. Throughly scrubbing the scalp is also key to help remove dirt.

How to Wash Hair After Hair Straightening For Oily Hair

After straightening,  people with oily hair need to change the way they wash their hair to keep grease away while keeping the hair straight for as long as possible.

Donna Marie Fischetto, a celebrity hair stylist who worked with with bold-faced clients such as Emma Roberts and Amanda Seyfried suggests the following steps for washing your hair after hair straightening:

  1. Shampoo and condition hair, rinse well, towel dry
  2. Spray a light leave in conditioner and /or a heat styling spray.
  3. Blow dry with a paddle brush.
  4. Section hair, flat iron each section from the roots to ends.
  5. When finished, if the hair looks dry, put a small amount of hair cream in hands and work through starting underneath and at ends. Avoid putting cream at roots or scalp.

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