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How to Maintain Laminated Eyebrows

by Sandy Taylor

Laminated eyebrows can really draw attention to your eyes. The look of having all your eyebrow hairs laminated is simply attractive and bold. If you’ve recently laminated your eyebrows, you might be looking for the best ways to maintain them.

Afterall, you’ve spent good money on laminating your eyebrows and you would want to keep them in shape for as long as possible.

The best way to maintain laminated eyebrows is to avoid moisture and high temperatures, use moisturizing cream to restore sensitive brow hairs after the procedure, avoid using harsh chemicals on your eyebrows and comb your brows at least twice a day.

To provide you with the best advice, I connected with beauty experts in the industry and asked them to provide for me their best tips on this topic.


Here’s How to Maintain Laminated Eyebrows

Nikki Goddard is a hair stylist and makeup artist with an associate degree in cosmetology from San Jose. She is also the Senior Editor at The Right Hairstyles.  Here are some tips from Nikki on how to look after and care for laminated eyebrows:

Avoid Moisture and High Temperatures

To preserve the best effect of lamination, you should avoid moisture and high temperatures during the first 120 hours after the procedure. Be careful when taking a shower or bath – your eyebrows should not contact with water. The same applies to the sauna, tanning salons, and other places with high humidity and temperature. Tanning is also prohibited because it can disrupt the shape of your eyebrows.

Use Moisturizing Cream or Oil

During the process of brow lamination, some masters use ammonium thioglycolate which dries out hairs and damages their structure (you can recognize it by a specific smell). To restore sensitive brow hairs after the procedure, you should apply a small amount of moisturizing cream or oil (coconut, castor, argan, avocado) every day. Try another oil every week to reap maximum benefits. Alternatively, you can apply a serum that activates hair growth.

Try Organic Argan Oil for Hair and Skin from Kate Blanc. This argan oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed and USDA certified organic. It helps to keep your brows healthy and shiny.  It also helps to moisturize the skin under your brows.

Comb Your Brows

After the procedure, you can slightly correct the shape of eyebrows by combing them at hair growth direction at least twice a day. This way, you will prolong the lamination effect and keep your eyebrows neat and beautiful.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Do not use face wash gels, tonics, and cosmetics with any aggressive agents. After lamination, abstain from peeling and cosmetic procedures for at least a week. When you start washing your face a few days after the procedure, make movements toward the eyebrow growth line – this way, you will preserve their shape.

Other Things You Should Know When Maintaining Laminated Eyebrows

How Long does Laminated Eyebrows Last?

Laminated eyebrows can last from 3 to 8 weeks. It all depends on how fast your natural hairs grow out and how good you  are at maintaining them.  If you take good care of your laminated brows using the suggestions above,  they can last for up to 10 weeks!

How to Get Rid of Brow Lamination

If you want to remove the brow lamination, the best way to get rid of brow lamination is to just let your brows grow and cut off the laminated strands as they grow out.  However, if you are looking for faster way, here are some things you can try:

Brush to the Side – With this method, you are trying to loosen the perm by brushing your brow hairs to the side. It does take a bit of effort. If your skin gets irritated by the comb, use a bit of castor oil to make the brushing smoother.

Redo the Perm – Apply a thin layer of perm solution on your brows again but only leave it on for a few minutes. During this time, brush on your brows to help loosen them and try to remove as much perm solution as you can with the comb. Wash off the perm solution immediately after a few minutes. Remember that you are trying to use the perm solution to soften and “reshape” the perm.  Leaving the perm solution on your brows for too long could run into the risk of over-processing. 

Can You Laminate Eyebrows with Eyelash Perm or Lash Lift Kits?

Laminating eyebrows at home is a great way to save money and time. You can laminate your eyebrows with eyelash perm or lash lift kits.

Here’s How to laminate your eyebrows with eyelash perm or lash lift kits:

Step 1– Clean your brows and remove any cosmetic or beauty products from the hairs

Step 2 – Using a spoolie, brush the brow upwards until you’ve got most of the hairs going in the upward direction. This make it easier for the next step.

Step 3 – Apply lash glue and brush the hairs upward with a spoolie. Brush until you’ve covered all strands of hair with glue and that all hair is in in the upward direction.

Step 4 – Apply perming solution with a cotton swab, brush upwards. Ensure all strands of hair is covered with the perming solution

Step 5 – Place a large piece of plastic wrap on your eyebrows and leave it for 8 to 10 minutes. Try not to move the plastic wrap as it will mess up the perm.

Step 6 – Remove plastic wrap and apply setting solution to your brows.

Step 7 – Place a large, new, clean piece of plastic wrap on your eyebrows and leave it for another 10 minutes.

Step 8 – Take off the plastic wrap and study your brows. Groom them by clipping off unevenness or brows that may be stick out too much. Pluck hair from unwanted locations to create an even, laminated look.

Laminate Eyebrows With Soap At Home

If you love the laminated eyebrow look but only want to have it temporarily, you can try to laminate your eyebrows with soap.

The stickiness and thickness of soap can help to “hold” your lashes in the upwards position. To laminate your eyebrows at home with soap, simply rub a spoolie on a bar of soap and then apply the soap on your brows by brushing upwards on them.  You will notice that your brows will be brushed up and stay in place. Repeat until you’re satisfied with the look then clean by plucking or grooming if needed.

If you find that your brows look too sparse, you can fill them in using a microblading eyebrow pen or flat eyebrow pencil.

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