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How to Make Brown Eyes Look Green

by Sandy Taylor

If you have dark, hazel, or brown eyes and you want to bring out the green in them, there are make-up tricks that you can do to help enhance & highlight your eyes’ green hues.

In order to understand how we can use makeup to make brown eyes look green, I connected with talented makeup artists and beauty experts and asked them to share with me their best tips.


Here’s How To Make Your Brown Eyes Look Green with Makeup

Eni I. Balogun, is a Creative Makeup Artist at  Lise Beauty Range & Spa. She suggests these steps for making your brown eyes look green:

  1. Use eye shades of greens, purples, or brown shades to line your eyes or apply eyeshadows in these similar hues.
  2. Get a soft green eye pencil and make sure you faintly line your under-eye and then apply your black eye pencil over the green.
  3.  Use a soft pat of green shadow on your eyelids, then apply and blend a dark brown eyeshadow over the green so you see a soft illusion of a beaming green from underneath your eyelids.
  4. Finish the look with mascara to complete that pop of green in your eyes.

Note: I have written a guide on how to apply eyeshadow without getting it everywhere. Check it out if you’re struggling with Step 1 above.

Here are some additional tips from Eni:

  1. Avoid light shades of eyeshadow in bright tones.
  2. Avoid using silver, high pigments shimmers in bright white shades or iridescent shades.
  3. Don’t just slap on green eyeshadow. Play around with it but never slap on a full green eyeshadow on the lid without blending with dark shades to soften the earthy color.
  4. Don’t use green glitter eyeshadow. You want a pop of green and you want to get that classy look.

Tips from a Celebrity Makeup Artist

Vincent Oquendo is a Celebrity Makeup Artist who is known globally for his creative style. His red carpet clients include Lily Collins, Janelle Monae, Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Hailey Bieber, Diane Kruger, and Jessica Biel. Vincent is also the Brand Ambassador for Maybelline, and Brand Ambassador for LUMIFY Eye Drops.

I connected with Vincent to get his thoughts on how to make brown eyes look green, here was his response:

“My favorite tip for making brown eyes look more green, or hazel,  is to use warm-colored eyeshadow with them. One of my favorite palettes that has one of my favorite red brown-ish colors is the Maybelline nudes of New York palette. Another way is to use warm purple eyeliner, my favorite is the Shiseido Kajal InkArtist in plum blossom.

My number one favorite trick when I’m using warm colors around the eyes is to always use LUMIFY® redness reliever eye drops because when using warm colors around the eyes sometimes the eyes can appear redder. LUMIFY helps relieve eye redness so my client’s eyes and eye makeup look their best.”

How to Make Brown Eyes Look Green in Photos

If you’re simply trying to make your brown eyes look green in photos, the best free online photo editor that I recommend is Fotor. This is a really popular photo editor among beauty enthusiasts and selfie lovers because it features a wide variety of editing tools for reshaping your face and body, removing wrinkles, and applying makeup in photos where you weren’t wearing any.

To change your eye color from brown to green on Fotor, you have to use the EYE TINT tool.

Here’s How To Make Brown Eyes Look Green in Photos:

  1. Open Fotor on your browser.
  2. Select “Edit a Photo”
  3. Follow instructions on screen to upload your photo
  4. On the left-most menu, click on the beauty tool (the one that looks like an eye)
  5. Select the EYE TINT tool
  6. Select your color
  7. Adjust Brush Size and Intensity to the way you like
  8. Press the cursor on the area you wish to effect (usually the middle of your eye) to apply your eye tint. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom-in or out if you want

Note: Although many beauty tools are free to use in Fotor, the EYE TINT feature cannot be used without the software applying a watermark to your picture. A premium subscription is required if you want to have the watermark removed. However, given the premium set of tools you get with a subscription, this photo editor is worth it and will definitely save you time.

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