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How to Make Chin Look Smaller with Makeup

by Sandy Taylor

If you’re looking to make your chin look smaller, the easiest way to do it is with makeup. It’s actually really simple to do if you use the right tools and techniques. A smaller chin can make your face look longer and less round.

In order to put together the best information on this topic, I connected with a few talented beauty experts and asked them to share with me their best tips.

Here’s How To Make Chin Look Smaller with Makeup:

Joanna Faith Williams, a Manhattan based beauty and style specialist, suggests you try the steps below.

You will need:

  1. Contour shade, 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone
  2. Your favorite blush shade
  3. Angled brush
  4. Large fluffy blending brush
  5. Brown pencil, pomade, powder, or gel.



Step 1: After applying and setting your foundation, choose a powder contour shade a few shades darker than your skin tone.


Step 2: Using a fluffy angled brush, introduce the contour shade by lightly brushing from side to side under your chin before bringing product lightly on the lower part of each side of your jaw.


Step 3: Using a large fluffy blending brush that is clean with no product, use to gently blend the darker contour shade in broad circular motions to minimize any harsh lines. Using a new brush without any product on it should be a part of your routine when blending anywhere on your face and eyes!


Step 4: Bring attention away from your chin with a pop of pink on the cheeks in order to lift the focal point towards the center + upper half of your face.


Optional: Don’t forget the brows! Fill in brows with your favorite brow product, and shape to preference. A well done brow has the power to lift your face and give an illusion of a more structured (or softened) bone structure – a widely overlooked hack to bring your look to the next level!


Watch the video below to see each step in action:



BTW, if you need help applying your foundation, check out my Complete Foundation, Primer and Concealer Application Guide where I go though in detail steps to guide you though the application process.

Additional Tips from a Makeup Artist

Madison Dennis, a Nashville, TN based makeup artist and hairstylist provided me with additional tips to share. Madison is a licensed esthetician with over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Madison suggests you try the following:

Step 1: Take a contouring product, such as a cream or powder contour, and apply it along your jawline.

Step 2: If you have a double-chin you are trying to hide, you will also apply the product to that area underneath your chin/jaw as well

Step 3: Once the product is applied, you will want to blend it with a brush or sponge so as not to show the appearance of a harsh application. This creates an artificial shadow that minimizes the appearance of the chin.

The simplest way to apply the contouring product on your jawline is to start under one ear and apply the product along your jawline until you reach the other ear. You should also contour the rest of your face as well. If you just contour your chin, your look might look a bit off.

If you choose to use a cream contour in step 1 above, apply a powder contour to set it in place. The powder contour should the same shade as your cream contour. Make sure to blend downwards with the powder contour if you have a double chin in order to make the look more blended and natural.

An optional step that you can try is to blend a warmer toned bronzer with your contour. This is a nice finishing touch that can provide you a beautiful sun-kissed look. Simply blend on your face contour, along your jawline and under your chin. Bring it down to your neck so it doesn’t look off-tone.

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