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How to Make Mascara Less Runny (Fast)

by Sandy Taylor

Mascara smudges are the worst, and those of us with oily skin often struggle with runny mascara on a daily basis. There are a few different methods for fighting this struggle.

The best way to make mascara less runny is to use a mascara primer as it helps to thicken the consistency of your mascara and help it bond to your lashes. 

Here’s What You Need to Do:

  1. Apply a thin later of clear mascara primer on your lashes. Make sure to focus the primer at the base of your lashes as well. The oil glands in your skin break down the mascara first near the root of your lash.
  2. Allow the primer to dry completely before you apply mascara.

Another, more unconventional hack is to use loose setting powder to make your mascara less runny.

Here’s What You Need to Do:

  1. Take the powder on a fluffy eyeshadow brush and dust it all over your upper and lower lid and coat your eyelashes as well. This will reduce the oil production around your eyes and prevent the mascara from breaking down. The powder on your lashes also acts as a nice base for the mascara to grip onto.
  2. Throughout the day, take an oil blotting sheet to the underside and outer corner of your eyes to soak up any extra oil that soaked through the powder. These steps will also help keep your eyeliner from running!

How to Fix Mascara That is Too Wet

The best way to fix mascara that is too wet is to let it dry a bit by leaving your wand out for about a minute before using it. Alternatively, you can also try to wave your wand in the air to help the product dry faster.

Your Mascara will dry out as you use it and this is usually a temporary problem with a new tube of mascara.

Here are some other ways to fix mascara that is too wet:

  1. Fix The Consistency –  If your mascara is new, the ingredients may have settled during shipping. This makes certain parts of your mascara more “wet” than other parts. To fix this, simply give your mascara a good shake before using it. Alternatively, if you find lumps within the inside edge of the mascara tube, use your mascara wand to mix it back into the product.
  2. Use the Tip of the Brush – The tip of your mascara brush has the least surface area which means it will pick up the least amount of product. Even If your mascara is wet, swiping your lashes with the tip of the brush gives you more control on the amount of product that is spread across your individual lash hairs.
  3. Mix in Your Old Mascara – Your old mascara is usually drier than your new one. For this trick, simply start off by applying your new mascara and then use the wand of your old mascara to “suck up” extra product that is too wet.
  4. Rub it Off on the Inside Edge – You try to rub some product back in the tube by gently rubbing your mascara wand along the inside edge of the tube.
  5. Try a Dryer Formula – Using a drier formula can save you time and hassle. Clinique mascaras are usually drier than other formulas.

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