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Easy Makeup Tricks for Dark Brown Eyes and Light Brown Skin

by Sandy Taylor

Makeup can really enhance the facial features of people with dark brown eyes and light brown skin. In this post, I will share with you a few easy makeup tricks that will make your dark brown eyes pop and light brown skin glow!

I’ve also connected with a Professional Makeup Artist to weigh in on this topic.


How Do You Pick a Foundation Color for Light Brown Skin?

Theresa Novicky, a licensed professional makeup artist of 10 years out of Raleigh, NC, suggests that to get a good foundation you need to know your undertone. The three undertones are cool, warm, and neutral.

To find your undertone, a good rule of thumb is to look at your veins by turning your wrist over and looking at the color of your veins.

If your veins are greenish, you may have warm undertones. If they are blue or purple, you have cooler undertones. If your veins are colorless or match your skin tone, you are neutral.

Another quick test is to look in your jewelry box. If you like the way traditional gold looks next to your skin then you probably have warm undertones. Silver, platinum, and rose gold usually look better on cooler undertones. If you look

Light brown skin is generally a very easy skin shade to match. There are so many colors for light brown skin. Make sure when you put the foundation on it looks like you have nothing on your face and be sure to match your neck!

How to Make Dark Brown Eyes Pop on Brown Skin

To make dark brown eyes pop on brown skin, you will need to know which colors make dark brown eyes pop. The colors that are popular and will make dark brown eyes pop are greys, plums, silver, gold, and purple. The contrasts of these colors with brown can make your eyes look brighter!

Here are a few examples:

Dark Brown Eyes with Plum Eyeshadow & Makeup

Plum works great with dark brown eyes to really draw them out

Dark Brown Eyes with Purple Eyeshadow


Similar to plum, purple is also a good choice for dark brown eyes.

Dark Brown Eyes with White Eyeshadow & Makeup


White helps to highlight your eyes and make them stand out

Dark Brown Eyes with Gold Eyeshadow


Gold works great with brown skin and dark brown eyes

Once you’ve decided on the color you like, follow these steps to make your brown eyes pop:

Step 1Choose your Eye Makeup Palette:  Most eyeshadow palettes come with a mid-tone (this is the main color that you want), a color that is 1 shade darker than the mid-tone (dark tone), and a color that is 1 color lighter than the mid-tone (light tone).

Step 2 – Apply an Eye Primer: An eye primer helps to smooth out any uneven surfaces on your eyelid. This makes small folds and creases less noticeable. It also helps your eye makeup go on smoother and stick onto your skin longer.

To apply the eye primer, simply dab a small amount of primer and rub it on your lids. A thin layer is all you need.  Don’t set the eye primer with powder as you want it to be slightly damp. This makes it easier for your eyeshadow to stick to your skin.

Step 3 – Apply a Midtone to your Eye Crease:  The eye crease is the area where the eyelid creases into the eye shape. Using a blending brush, apply the mid-tone to your crease area. Start at the outer edge of the eye and sweep inwards. Ensure to cover the area above the lid as well. The mid-tone should fade towards your eyebrows.

Step 4Apply Contour: For the contour, you will be using the dark tone on your eyeshadow palette.  Apply this shade on the outer 3rd of your eyelid using a detail brush. Work at a slight angle upwards and sweep across to draw out your eye shape. To create a soft blend, mix your dark tone with a color on your palette that is slightly lighter and apply that instead.

Use a blending brush to gently glide over the dark tone and blend it into your crease and inner eyelid. You can use the same brush that you applied your mid-tone with. This can give you a really soft blend. Ensure to use just enough pressure to glide the brush over your skin. Don’t press!

Step 5 – Apply Highlight: For the contour, you will be using the light tone on your eyeshadow palette. Using a flat brush, apply the light tone on the rest of your lid. Start at the inside corner and softly blend into the dark tone. (Don’t go past the dark tone).

If you have done steps 1- 5 correctly. You should have a dark tone in the outer 3rd of your eyelid, a light shade in the middle, and inner 3rd of your eyelid and mid-tone on your crease.

Step 6 – Apply Fade Shade: This step will help you blend the dark tone and light tone together for the entire eyelid. To do this, apply your mid-tone with a blending brush in between the light and dark tones. A light application is all you need to create a soft blended finish.

Step 7 – Apply Skin Toned Pencil: With a skin-toned pencil, apply it on your waterline. This step helps to draw out your lower lashes which we will cover in the next step.

Step 8 – Apply Contour (Lower Lash):  Use a detail brush and apply the dark tone to the outer half of your lower lash line. Apply right under the lower lashes and try to stay as close as possible to the lower lashes. You can apply around the corner of your eyes to match with the top lid.

Step 9 – Apply Highlight (Lower Lash): Use a detail brush to apply the light tone to the inner corner of your lower lash.

Step 10 – Finish off: You can really tie the look together by filling in your brows, adding mascara (and false lashes if you’re feeling fancy), a gloss, and a shimmery bronzer.

How to Apply Lip Gloss on Dark Lips (Dark Skin)

The best way to apply lip gloss on dark lips is to first conceal your lips before applying the lipstick. Concealing your lips helps you cover the dark pigment on your lips and any discoloration. This prevents your base color from bleeding through and affecting the color of your lip gloss. If you have very dark lip pigment, you can try to color correct your lips by using an orange or yellow color corrector.

Colors like deep red, plum, nude brown, and pink look great on dark lips. See examples below:


Plum Looks Great On Dark Lips


Pink Lips Can Really Pop Next to Light Brown Skin


To apply lip gloss on dark lips, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Apply Lip Balm: Lip concealers tend to make your lips dry. Applying a lip balm helps to keep your lips moisturized and more comfortable.

Step 2 – Apply Your Lip Concealer: Apply your lip concealer. You can use your regular concealer or one that is specifically designed for the lips. You only need a small, thin layer to cover the dark pigment or discoloration.  Use your fingers or a beauty blender to blend the concealer all over your lips.

Open and close your mouth often during this step as this helps to reveal any cracks on your lips that you may have missed. Ensure to cover all the cracks.  If you have done this step correctly, your lips should look lighter with a nude shade.

Step 3 – Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow:

Using a shimmer-based highlighter, dab a little bit of highlight on your cupid’s bow. This will give your cupid bow a good lift.

Step 4 – Line or Fill Lip with Lip Pencil: A lip pencil helps to make your lips fuller. Use your lip pencil to outline your lips. You can also fill in your lips with a lip pencil if you want.  Your lip pencil should be in the same shade as your lip gloss.

Step 5Apply Lip Gloss: Fill in your lips with your lip gloss. If you outlined your lips with a lip liner, fill within the boundaries of the lip liner.

Step 6 – Check your Teeth: Do a quick check to ensure you didn’t get any lipstick on your teeth.

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