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How To Not Look Pale With Blonde Hair (w/ Pictures)

by Sandy Taylor

The combination of blonde hair and light skin tone often make blondes look pale, plain and washed-out. However, with the right makeup techniques and fashion selection, it’s easy to level up your look and bring out your features to look sharp!


How to Not Look Pale with Blonde Hair Using Makeup

In order to bring you the best makeup advice on this topic, I connected with Christina Flach, Celebrity Makeup, Hair Artist and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, and asked her to provide me her best tips based on her years of experience in the industry.

Christina suggests the following tips:

Darken Your Foundation: Using your favorite foundation, mix a tiny drop of a shade three times darker to the one that is your actual skin tone in order to warm up the skin a bit. This adds a touch of color to pale undertones.

Try Taupe Shade Brow Pencil: When hair is light, it’s not unusual that your eyebrows follow the same color trend. One can look incredibly washed out with the accent of pale brows. Using a taupe shade brow pencil or a subtle shadow, one can accentuate their eyes and skin tone by filling in their brows. This also provides a very polished look.

Use Dark Brown or Black Mascara: It’s typical that those with light hair also have eyelashes that tend to be on the lighter side. To make one’s features pop, use a dark brown or a black mascara. This will help eliminate the washed-out tones we’re trying to combat.

Try a Red or Scarlet Lipstick: A classic red or scarlet lipstick provides a hint of warmth that will ensure you won’t be washed out while simultaneously giving you that Hollywood touch.

Use Bronzer: We can’t forget about the most important step! A swipe of bronzer to the cheeks, forehead, and chin (the 3 zone) will help give you the tanned look.

In the method above, Christina’s suggestion to darken your foundation is to help you warm up your tone a bit. However, it’s perfectly OK if you choose to go with your natural tone.  Mixing foundation isn’t for everyone as it takes practice to get it right.

not-look-pale-with-blonde-hair-before-afterWe’ve put together a video to show you a quick makeup tutorial to instantly brighten your blonde look. Our artist shows a cute method to add freckles to her cheeks to enhance the look.  The whole look takes just a few minutes. Check out the tutorial below:



What Colors Look Good on Pale Skin and Blonde Hair?

Aside from great makeup techniques, it’s also important to wear the right color clothes that compliment pale skin and blonde hair.

Below are some colors with picture examples to consider. Colors like beige, and purple works great too but is not included in the list below.

Soft Pinks

Subdued colors like soft pinks works great with pale skin and blonde hair. Soft pinks blend into your overall tone. It helps to draw other’s attention to your face and not distract them to other parts of your body.



Light Blue

Light blue is another great option for girls with pale skin and blonde hair.  The combination and blue and blonde look fantastic and helps to brighten your overall complexion.



Flat Brown

Flat brown does a great job complimenting blonde hair. In cold weather, a brown sweater or jacket makes an excellent choice.



Pale Green

Pale green is an excellent choice because green can make your blonde hair really stand out.


What Colors Should Blondes with Pale Skin Avoid?

Blondes with pale skin should avoid colors with warm undertones like orange, red and gold. Many people think that wearing warm colors could help to make pale skin appear “warmer” but that’s not the case. Colors like orange, red and gold are quite bold and when worn on someone with pale skin, the boldness could overwhelm your look and draw attention away from you face.

The only area that you should consider wearing these colors on are on your lips (like red lipsticks). This is because warmer lips help to make them stand out and it’s usually the first part that people notice when they meet you. It actually helps to draw attention to you face rather than taking away from it.

What Color Blonde Looks Best on Pale Skin?

If you’ve got pale skin and are considering dying your hair blonde, here are the blonde colors that you can try:

  1. Platinum Blonde – Platinum blonde is a type of blonde with reduced bright pigment. It works great on pale skin because it’s not bright and blends in well on pale skin tones. This leaves you room to work on your facial makeup and to really draw attention to your face.
  2. Ash Blonde – Ash blonde is type of blonde with cool undertones and gray tinted. Ash blonde is one of the best color choices for pale skin because the gray tint provides your hair with more definition and won’t create harsh contrasts to the dull tones of your skin.
  3. Sandy Blonde – Sandy blonde is a type of blonde comprised of beige pigments to create a warm tone. It works great on pale skin because introduces warmer tones to your overall complexion.
  4. Creamy Blonde – Creamy blonde is a type of blonde that has a cooler, whiter shade. Similar to platinum blonde, creamy blonde blends in well with pale skin tones and gives you an overall softer look.

Does Pale Skin Look Good with Blonde Hair?

Pale skin can look good with blonde hair and the best blonde hair choices for pale skin are platinum blonde, ash blonde, sandy blonde and creamy blonde. Aside from hair color, choosing the right color clothes is also important.

As mentioned above, the best colors to wear for someone with pale skin and blonde hair are soft pink, light blue, flat brown and pale green, beige and purple. Try to avoid colors with warm undertones like red, orange and gold.

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