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How to Put on Mascara Without Wrinkling Forehead

by Sandy Taylor

One annoying thing about putting on mascara is the possibility of wrinkling your forehead. The wrinkles create creases that ruin the makeup that you already applied. It also creates lines that may become permanent over time.

If you can’t seem to put on mascara without raising your eyebrows and forming wrinkles on your forehead, you can try the methods presented below.

Note that these methods also work for other eye makeup like eyeliner and eyeshadows.

Here’s How to Put on Mascara Without Wrinkling Your Forehead:

Method 1 – Hold and Blink

This is method is easiest and is the ideal method for people with long lashes. Simply place your mascara brush under your lashes, hold the wand still and blink. I find that a ball-end or mini mascara wand works best. I wouldn’t recommend using a curved end mascara wand because you may end up getting mascara in your eyes.

Method 2 – Mirror and Tilt

Using a Tilt-able Makeup Mirror:

This method prevents you from raising your eyebrows when applying mascara. To do this, simply place a large tilt-able makeup mirror at your chin level, then slightly tilt your head backward and look down. You don’t need to tilt your head too far back because it will be hard to see. It also helps to open your mouth a bit to help you breathe.

This method takes your focus away from your forehead and puts it at the chin instead, making it less likely that you will wrinkle your forehead.

Using a Full Body Mirror:

If don’t have a makeup mirror handy, you can also do this with a full-body mirror. You would need to stand closer to the mirror, tilt your head up slightly and look down towards your lashes in the mirror. This discourages you from lifting your eyebrows and creating creases on your forehead.


Mirror and Tilt Method (Using Full Body Mirror)

Method 3 – Close One Eye

This method works best for people who can close one eye or the other without using their hands. Our natural tendency is to raise both eyebrows at the same time when applying mascara. By keeping one eye closed, you are making it harder to raise the eyebrow of your closed eye. When one of your eyebrows is held in place, it also makes it harder to raise the other one as well.

Method 4 – Use Your Fingers

If you don’t feel comfortable applying mascara without lifting your eyebrows, you can try to first relax your forehead muscles and then push the eyebrow up with your fingers and apply mascara with the other hand. By doing this, you are lifting your eyebrow without using your forehead muscles and prevents creating wrinkles on your forehead.

Method 5 – Mirror and Tilt (Up)

This method is similar to method 2 but in the “up” direction. Start by placing a mirror above your eye level, tilt your head slightly backward and look up towards the mirror. This minimizes the distance your eyes need to travel in order to see your makeup application, thus discourages you from raising your eyebrows and creasing your forehead.

A downside to this method is that you will elevate your mirror up to your eye level, which could be challenging for people who don’t have mirrors with adjustable height.

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