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Silver Eyeshadow Guide (How To Apply + Tips)

by Sandy Taylor

Silver eyeshadow can be a staple in any makeup look. If worn properly, silver eyeshadow can make your eyes glow and give you a chic look. In this post, I provide you 3 ways to apply silver eyeshadow to create 3 different looks.

I’ve also included a method for you to make your own silver eyeshadow and provide some tips on when to wear silver eyeshadow and what color lipstick works well.


How To Apply Black and Silver Eyeshadow

Black and silver eyeshadow can be a bold and seductive combination if you do it correctly. The best way to apply black and silver eyeshadow is to start with the perfect Smokey eye and then apply silver eyeshadow on your lids on top of the black eyeshadow.

This look is tough to pull off, and it could make you look more like the tin man instead of a shimmery siren. 

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  1. Create your smokey eye with a dark base of black eyeshadow specifically on the lid itself. Don’t put black eyeshadow all around your eye. There’s a fine line between looking dramatic and being goth. 
  2. To get the right effect, apply the shadow strictly to your eye and start blending to create a layered, smoky, precise look. 
  3. Finish off the look with a sheer, light silver eyeshadow applied directly on top of the black shadow, for a chic and seductive look. 

There are two things to keep in mind; smokey eyes are not a good daytime look, and they take a lot of practice. Keep this look for nighttime, and give yourself ample time to work on it before a big date or event.  

How to Apply Blue and Silver Eyeshadow

Silver and blue eyeshadow is a dramatic modern look. It’s also easy to pull off with just about any skin tone. The trick is applying the colors in the correct areas of your eyelid. 

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  1. Using cream eyeshadow and a small brush, apply the silver shadow only on your inner lid.
  2. Next, play with a mixture of different blues and even greens to find your perfect hue and apply it strictly to the outer corner of your eye.
  3. Blend thoroughly and you’re ready to go.

Peacock blue and sapphire or aquamarine are great combinations, but you should play around with different hues to figure out what works best for you. 

How to Apply Silver Glitter Eyeshadow

Silver glitter eyeshadow can be a dramatic, chic look, or it can make you look like a club kid from the 1990s. The best way to apply silver glitter eyeshadow is to first prime your lids then apply a base shadow (like black eyeshadow). Apply the silver glitter eyeshadow on top of your base shadow then finish the look with mascara.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is prime your lids. Using a primer will allow you to apply the shadow more evenly and keep the colors from fading. If you don’t have primer, use concealer. Just make sure that you blend it thoroughly over your lid. d
  2. Apply your base shadow. Silver glitter eyeshadow looks good over several different colors, such as a black smokey eye. Neutral or metallic bases can keep glitter looking chic and modern.
  3. Once you have your base eye color down, it’s time to pat on your silver glitter eyeshadow. Use a makeup sponge or your fingers to layer it gently over the base color.
  4. Finish off the look with some serious mascara. Prep, coat, and curl your lashes to make this look as dramatic as possible. 

Glitter eyeshadow is very hard to pull off as a daytime look. Save your glitter eyeshadow for special nights out, and remember to pair it with a more neutral lip. I’ve also written a guide on 3 ways to apply glitter eyeshadow. Check it out if you have time. 

When to Wear Silver Eyeshadow

Dramatic silver eyeshadow, like glittery shadows or smokey eye looks, works best for the evening. In general, it’s a good idea to use deeper colors after the sun goes down. If you have a big event or date, dramatic silver eyeshadow could be perfect.

You can still pull off more muted versions of silver eyeshadow during the day. For a sophisticated daytime look, consider going with a sheer silver eyeshadow or accents of silver on the inside corners of your eyes. It will really brighten up your look.

When in doubt, apply your silver eyeshadow in natural light. Less is more, and the natural sunlight will let you see if you look clownish or chic.

What Color Lipstick Goes with Silver Eyeshadow

Serious silver eyeshadow steals the show, so make sure that your lip color is a lot more muted. Avoid bright red, berry, or orangish lips with silver eyeshadow. As a general rule, it’s good to let one feature shine. 

Muted pinks or nudes are excellent choices that go well with silver eyeshadow. On the other hand, if you’re just applying a hint of silver to your eyelids, you can go with darker-colored lips. 

A brick red lip looks stunning with a sheer shimmery silver eyeshadow and can give you that old Hollywood look. If you want to play up the drama, consider doing a cat’s eye in addition to the silver eyeshadow.

How to Make Silver Eyeshadow

You can make silver eyeshadow at home with silver mica powder. Cosmetic powders are available online and in some specialty shops. If you’re unsure about what to buy, simply check around, or look for video tutorials. 

Only use mica powders that are for cosmetic use. Some types of mica can irritate the skin or even cause problems with your eyes. You can apply the mica directly over your existing eyeshadow for a silver, glittery effect, or you can make it into cream eyeshadow. 

Cream eyeshadow is often more concentrated than powder form, and it has a lot more staying power on your lids. Fortunately, this is easy to do right from your own home.

Here’s What You Need To Do:

  1. Purchase your silver mica cosmetic powder from a reputable source
  2. Get beeswax, shea butter, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E oil, and refined jojoba oil online or from a specialty shop.
  3. Melt your beeswax in the microwave or double boiler on the stove. To make a double boiler, bring a pot of water to boiling and put a smaller pot of water on top of it. 
  4. Melt your beeswax in the smaller pot. Never try to melt beeswax over direct flame, and make sure you clean your pot quickly afterward to prevent residual beeswax from sticking to it.
  5. Combine your melted beeswax with the rest of your ingredients, except the mica.
  6. Determine how intense you want your shadow to be and add mica accordingly. The more mica, the deeper the silver color you will have. 

Once everything is combined, wait a day to let it settle, and then enjoy your new homemade eyeshadow.  

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