Home How Do You Apply Foundation If You Have Acne?
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Here are my tips for applying foundation if you have acne. These are the tips that I think people with acne skin should know. If you are interested in learning to apply foundations, I have written a full guide on applying foundations, primers, and concealers here.

Have a Game Plan – Study your face in front of a mirror and take notes on which areas have acne. Conceal only the areas with acne with an oil-free, non-comedogenic concealer, and then apply your foundation. Remember, you only need to tackle the trouble areas. Just because you have acne breakouts, doesn’t mean you need a full coverage foundation.

Blend the Colors  – Blend the redness of your acne skin with complementary colors. If you have really red acne, you will notice that applying your regular concealer just won’t do the trick. Instead, try to use a green concealer on your red acne. This creates a brownish tone which is much easier to work with. Apply your regular foundation on top of the concealer and that should do the trick.

Clean Your Tools – This one is simple but it’s often overlooked. Be sure to properly clean your tools after each use. I have written on how to clean your foundation brushes. Your foundation brushes and sponges can harbor bacteria which gets spread to other places on your face if they are not cleaned after each reuse.

Moisturize Before Applying – If you are using an acne medication to treat your acne, you may notice your skin will become more dry and flaky. That’s because most acne medications are designed to dry out your skin. Moisturizing your skin will restore its stretchiness and reduces the chance of inflammation and further damage.

Choose a Foundation with SPF – Further to the point above, using acne medication makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. A foundation with SPF is effective for protecting your skin from the sun and allows your skin to heal better.