Home Can I Just Use Concealer Under My Eyes?
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Yes, you can just use concealer under your eyes if your concealer is a close shade to your natural skin tone. However, it’s not recommended if you have wrinkled skin because the concealer will settle into the cracks, making the wrinkles on your skin more prominent. 

Here are a few things you need to consider if you’re planning to use only concealer under your eyes and skip primer and foundation:

Harder to Match Shade – Concealers come in much fewer shade options than foundations. If you’re going to use just a concealer under your eyes, ensure that the shade matches closely with your natural skin tone.

Cakey Feeling – The job of a concealer is to cover hard-to-cover areas like dark cycles and acne. They are designed to be thicker than foundation and applied in thin layers. Some people tend to over-apply concealer and adding thick layers could make your under-eye area feel cakey and uncomfortable.

Reduced wear time – The job of a primer is to help your makeup stick better. It provides a barrier between your skin and makeup. The natural oils on your skin will take longer to break down your makeup, making your makeup last longer. If you skip primer, you lose this benefit and you will find yourself re-applying your concealer more often.

Settling Into Cracks – Primers also help to create a smooth surface on your skin for makeup application. It’s designed to fill in cracks and wrinkles so that when you apply your concealer and foundation, they won’t settle into the cracks. If you skip primer, you will need to apply extra layers of concealer which may also lead to your makeup feeling cakey.