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How to Wear Gray Hair Over 60 (Clothing, Colors & Hairstyles)

by Sandy Taylor

People over the age of 60 can wear their gray hair with style. In this post, we will go over the best clothing colors to wear with gray hair for warm and cool skin tones. We will also explain and provide examples of the best hairstyles to rock with your gray hair.


Best Clothing Colors to Wear with Gray Hair

Gray hair can make you look washed out, therefore, you want to work with colors that can brighten up your natural tones and make your gray hair pop.

As a rule of thumb, if your undertone is warm, then choose warm colors for your clothes. If your undertone is cool, choose cool colors.

Colors to Wear with Gray Hair and Cool Undertones

The best clothing colors to wear with gray hair and cool undertones are iceberg, royal blue light, green, emerald, fuchsia, burgundy, and charcoal.

Colors for Warm Undertones and Gray Hair

Colors that are great for warm undertones and gray hair include orange web, peach crayola, rose, dusty pink, baby pink, crimson, terra cotta, beige, and scarlet.

Gray Hair Warm Undertones Colors

Best Style Choices for Gray Hair

In our opinion, the best style choices for gray hair are simple 1 color tops paired with tasteful jewelry that can accent the clothing. 

Work with your jewelry and select colors that will pull the colors from both your outfits and your hair without making you look dull. Cooler colors like blue and purple can amplify this, but if you don’t want to be too monotone, work with different shades of red and green as a way to mix cool colors with warmer colors.


A dark charcoal shirt makes your gray hair stand out. You can pair this with an up-do and wristwatch to yield a smart look.


Utilize accents to your outfits that will make your hair color pop, like scarves or purses.  Try a terra cotta long jacket or beige color shirt. Lighter shades of clothing work great to blend with your gray hair.

A beige shirt blends well with gray hair:



Try a long terra cotta jacket to accent your gray hair:



Dark emerald with gold jewelry works great to bring out your gray hair.:



A crimson jacket on the outside and a black shirt on the inside can brighten up your look:



An iceberg jacket with matching eyeshadow and tasteful jewelry can blend in quite well with gray hair:


Best Hairstyles to Wear with Gray Hair

Talk to your stylist about your current haircut. Depending on your face shape and what type of hair you have, here are our picks for the best hairstyles to wear with gray hair:

Heart Face Shape – A heart face shape is wide at the forehead and temples with high and angled cheekbones. It has a narrow jaw and a pointy chin. Great hairstyles for gray hair that work with this face shape are curly side pony, medium length hair with flicks, or medium length curly hair.

medium-length-curly-hairDiamond Face Shape –  A diamond face has wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead. It has a pointy chin and a narrow face. Hairstyles for gray hair that work with this face shape are pixie cuts, medium straight hair, and chin-length curly hair.

Oval Face Shape – A oval face shape is proportionally balanced vertically. The face is longer than it is wide.  Hairstyles for gray hair, that work well for this face shape are long bob, pixie cut, and medium length hair with a middle part.

pixie-cut-gray-hairRound Face Shape – A round face shape has equal length and width. It has a wide forehead, rounded chin, and full cheeks. Hairstyles for gray hair that works for found face shape are side curly pony, long with layers and lob with a side part.

side-part-gray-hairSquare Face Shape – A square face sees the forehead, jaw, and cheekbones to have the same width. The jaw has sharp angles that carve out a square shape. The hairstyle for gray hair that works with square faces is long waves, chin-length bob cuts, and side bangs with a side part.

Rectangle Face Shape – A rectangle face has a defined chin and cheekbones. The forehead is as wide as the face. Hairstyles for gray hair that works with rectangle face shapes are medium length with waves, bob cut with fringe, and long hair with fringe.

Makeup Tips to Wear with Gray Hair

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