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Bad Brow Lamination: What Caused It? How To Fix It?

by Sandy Taylor

Brow lamination helps to set your brows in an upwards shape that lasts for up to two months.  The process is basically a perm for your brows to allow them to be arranged and set for a longer amount of time.

If you had a bad brow lamination, this post explains what may have caused it and ways you can do to fix it.


Can You Mess Up a Brow Lamination? What Can Go Wrong?

There are several ways that the lamination process can go wrong. One of the most severe ways that it can go wrong is that you could be allergic to the product being used on your brows. Always make sure that your stylist does a patch test before attempting to work your full brow, just to make sure you’re not going to have an allergic reaction. This is especially important if you’ve never had a brow treatment before.

Another issue is doing it yourself without the guidance of a stylist. There are several kits out there that have varying pH levels. The pH levels determine how quickly your brows can be handled after application. Agents like Cysteine will work more slowly while Thioglycolic Acid works faster, so putting more product on your brows without knowing how quickly the agents will take effect can cause your hair to weaken and frizz.

Sometimes, the products that a stylist uses may contain an overabundance of chemicals, like Thioglycolic Acid and Cysteine, that assist with breaking down your hair faster. You may walk out of the salon with beautiful brows, only to have them become brittle and break off.

Why Did My Eyebrows Curl After Lamination?

Curling and frizzing eyebrows after lamination are a result of the type of perming agent being used. The agent Thioglycolic Acid is the main ingredient in perming products. It is the ingredient that allows the hair to be handled and molded into the proper shape.

The perming solution works in lamination because the pH of the solution breaks down the structure of your hairs in order for them to be moved and worked into the shape you want. From there, a neutralizing agent is added to your brows to balance the pH and keep your hair in the position you want.

Rapidly rising and then lowering the pH on your eyebrows can cause your hair to weaken. When your hair weakens, it doesn’t keep its shape and will frizz or curl, even if your natural hair doesn’t take on those properties.

If you do notice frizzing or curling, try not to put store-bought lamination products on your brows without consulting a stylist. If you want to attempt to tame the curls, use a natural oil like coconut or avocado to shape them. Coconut and avocado oils help to naturally hydrate your brows that work to protect your hair from further damage

Can You Wash Off a Brow Lamination?

You can’t completely wash off a brow lamination. After you’ve gotten your brows laminated, do not put any liquid on them for 24 hours. That means exercising should also be avoided because the sweat from your body can pose a threat to your newly updated brows.

Washing your face or putting water directly on your brows before the 24 hours is up could cause your laminated brows to lose their shape. Humid areas, like a sauna, can cause your brows to lose their definition.

Always speak to your stylist about the dos and don’ts with your lamination and what could happen if you did get it wet. 

How To Fix a Bad Lamination on Eyebrows?

There are several ways that you can fix a bad lamination as shown below:

Grow Your Brows Out: Wait for your eyebrows to grow out and new hairs to grow in is the simplest solution. This method can take anywhere from a month to three months. It’s not ideal if you’re trying to get a quick fix, but it’s the most natural route and can let you start over with a clean slate when your eyebrows grow back in.

Get a Keratin Brow Lamination: A quicker way to fix a bad lamination is to go to a salon and book a Keratin Brow Lamination. In this type of lamination, the agent Cysteine is used instead of Thioglycolic Acid. Cysteine slowly raises the pH in your eyebrows, which allows them to be molded without additional frizzing or curling. Once the Cysteine has done its job, Keratin is applied in order to hydrate and strengthen your brows.

Try to Wash It Off: If you’ve just received your first lamination and absolutely hate it immediately after it’s done, you can try to wash it out. If your stylist used products containing Thioglycolic Acid that raised the pH of your brows quickly, you’ll find that you might not see a big change in the shape of your brows. Washing them will at least stop the processes of the agents, regardless of how fast they work.

Note that this process interrupts the processing power of the lamination products and you run the risk of your brows not looking the same as when they did before your lamination.

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