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How To Cover Up & Hide Raised Moles (With or Without Makeup)

by Sandy Taylor

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your moles. These are your natural beauty marks that you should be proud of.

However, if you find them distracting or simply don’t want to see them, this post provides you with some strategies on how to hide them with or without makeup.

Note that for a raised mole, you can make it less noticeable with makeup but you will not be able to get rid of the bump completely unless you remove the mole.


How To Use Makeup to Cover Up Moles on Your Face

The easiest way to cover up moles on your face is to apply a concealer and then blend a full-coverage foundation on top.

Here’s What You Need:

Concealer – Concealers have a thick, creamy texture that is designed to cover dark skin pigments. They are usually used for spot coverage. Concealers usually come in less color options so just choose one that closely matches your skin tone and skin type.

Liquid Full-Coverage Foundation – Full-coverage foundations have a creamy texture and are designed to be used all over your face. It’s sometimes all you need to cover light imperfections on your skin However, for darker pigments such as moles, a full-coverage foundation is usually not enough which is why you will need a concealer.

Setting Powder (Optional) – For people with oily skin, setting powder helps to absorb extra oil on the face and helps to keep the makeup in place throughout the day. Choose a powder that is closest to your skin tone. These are usually light to medium coverage powder foundations. I have written a guide about powder foundations, check it out if you have time!

Here’s What You Need to Do:


Step 1 – If your concealer comes with an applicator, simply dab a layer of concealer on your mole with the applicator. If your concealer doesn’t come with an applicator, use a small brush to pat on the concealer instead. You only need a small pea-sized amount of concealer for each mole.

If you’ve applied your concealer but still see the mole coming through, simply wait a minute for the concealer to dry and then apply a second layer of concealer.

The result is that the mole should barely be visible or not visible at all after the concealer application.

Step 2 – Use your fingers or small brush to blend out the concealer at the edges. Simply dab or brush outward at the edges with a small brush to blend it out.

Step 3 – Apply the full-coverage foundation with a makeup brush or beauty blender. The foundation will hide other minor impurities on your face and give you an overall even complexion. Usually, a thin layer is all you need but if certain troubled areas are still showing through, you can add another thin layer on top of those areas.

If you don’t have a beauty blender, check out my guide on how to apply foundation without a beauty blender.

Step 4 (Optional)– Apply setting powder with a brush or pad applicator. Simply tap the powder of over your foundation to set it in place.


That’s all there is!  To see this complete application process from start to finish, check out the video below:


Best Mole Covering Concealer

One of the best moles covering concealers is the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer. This is a full-coverage liquid concealer with a matte finish. It works great on moles because it’s highly pigmented, meaning you should be able to cover your mole with only 1 layer.

Most full-coverage concealers are heavy but this one feel lightweight. It’s formulated with hydra-boost complex to help keep your skin moisturized all day.

The Kat Von D Lock-It concealer is free of parabens and phthalates. It is also vegan and cruelty-free. It is water-resistant, meaning that it can withstand some light rain and sweat but it’s not waterproof.

The Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer is silicone based because it contains dimethicone, a type of silicone. Therefore, it’s recommended that you choose a silicone-based foundation to wear with it.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of foundation, check out my guide on silicone based foundations where I provide extensive information on this type of foundation.

If you are unsure about which foundation to use, you can stick with the Kat Von D Lock-it Full Coverage Foundation. This foundation is made to work with the Kat Von D Lock-it concealer. It is also silicone based meaning it won’t separate when used with silicone based concealers.

The Kat Von D Lock-It concealer is transfer-resistant. It contains optical diffusers which are treated pigments that visually minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has a long-wear formula (12 hours) and a semi-matte finish.

How To Cover Moles Without Makeup

Here are some ideas you can try to cover moles without makeup or if you want to hide moles for guys without makeup.

Use Your Facial Hair (for guys) – If your mole is on your face, chin or upper lip, you can use you your facial hair to cover it.

Use Band-Aids – If you’re in a crunch and need a quick cover-up, you can use a band-aid to cover up your mole. Companies like Tru-Colour have created band-aids that can match different skin-tones. You can trim down your band-aid so it only covers the mole.

If you’re looking for something less bulky, try skin-tapes that you can easily cut and shape to the size of your mole.

Tattoo – You can cover a mole with a well-designed tattoo around it. Most moles are indistinguishable from tattoo ink because most tattoo artists are skilled at matching the ink to the shade of your mole.

Note: It’s not advised to tattoo over or around your mole without first consulting with your family doctor or dermatologist. According to an article on the Harvard Health Publishing, moles can be benign but can also indicate a form of skin cancer. The article also suggests that ink can mimic the spread of metastatic melanoma by seeping into underlying tissues. Although tattooing over your mole can be done, it’s not advisable to do without first knowing the risks and consulting with your dermatologist.

Try Different Clothes – This works well for moles around your neck. Try hoodies, turtle neck sweaters, dress shirts, track jackets and other fashion pieces that can cover you neck better.

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