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How To Do Masculine Eyeliner w/ Masculine Makeup Tips

by Sandy Taylor

Men can use makeup to enhance their facial features. If you are new to masculine makeup, just doing masculine eyeliner boosts your look instantly.

One way to do masculine eyeliner is to simply apply a thicker line. A thicker eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, sharper, and bolder.

Use brown or black eyeliner because these colors provide a bold outline for your eyes and draw attention to them. These are also the main colors that are used by many male celebrities when they want to bring out their masculine features while maintaining a natural look. If you want to wear colored eye shadow, choose a muted shade.

Here is How to Do Masculine Eyeliner:

Step 1 – Use your small finger to pull down the skin on your cheeks. This will help expose the water line
Step 2Apply your eyeliner to your water line. Rub the liner across the waterline in small strokes for easier application.
Step 3 – Apply a thin line of black eyeliner on your upper lash line.

You can follow up with some mascara if you want to go for a bolder look. Apply two coats minimum because more mascara appears better on men due to their prominent eyes. This makes lashes appear fuller and shaper. You don’t need to curl your lashes because most masculine looks have straight lashes.

How to Apply Makeup to Look More Masculine

Using makeup to look more masculine is more than just doing masculine eyeliner. Below are some tips for other areas of your face that you should consider for a full masculine look.

Start by looking in the mirror and assessing your features. Common masculine facial features include

  • Squared jawline
  • Pronounced angle of the jaw next to the earlobe
  • Thin and narrow lips
  • Wide and straight nose bridge
  • Dark nasal tips
  • Heavy and prominent brows
  • Less prominent cheeks

Here are Some Makeup Tips to Make your Face Look More Masculine:

Cheekbones: A face loses its masculinity when the cheekbones are too pronounced. You can make the cheekbones less prominent by reverse contouring. You do this by applying highlights under your cheekbones and applying contour on top.

Also, avoid blush tints that are too red or pinkish in tone. Instead, pick brown tints because it can they will give depth and definition to your face.

Nose: To avoid the appearance of having a nose that is too small or upturned, you can use a bronzer to define your nose’s width and create shadows to make it appear larger. This will thicken your facial features, making them look more masculine.
Consider lining the inside edges of your nostrils with eyeliner so that they stand out against the rest of your face. Doing this can help give depth to an otherwise flat-looking male face.

Eyes: Apply eyeliner underneath your eyes and along the top lash line. This will make them look bigger and sharper. You can also wear dark eyeliner thicker on the top of your lid and thinner on your bottom lashes.

Eyebrows: Create a thicker eyebrow shape with your eyeliner and fill in your eyebrows with a dark brown pencil or eyeliner.

Eyelids: Use a dark eye shadow (black or brown). This will make your eyes appear more extensive and more intense, so it’s perfect for those who want to look manly.

Lips: Use a flat red color lip liner to draw a lip line just inside your natural lip line on your lower lip. This removes the heaviness of your lower lip.  You just need to do it for your lower lip as the lower lip tends to be thicker than the upper lip.

Outline your upper lip line with the lip liner then fill in your lips. Use a concealer to cover the areas of your lips outside of your outline and seal it in with a powder that matches your natural skin tone.

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