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5 Ways To Prevent Racoon Eyes from Mascara You Should Know

by Sandy Taylor

Getting racoon eyes from your mascara can be annoying but there are ways to prevent them easily, even if you are new to makeup.

The best way to prevent racoon eyes from mascara is to use a good eyelid primer, waterproof mascara and avoid applying mascara to your lower lashes.  

Note that these tips are preventative measures provided below will greatly reduce the chances of you getting racoon eyes. However, if you’re a beginner and worried about getting racoon eyes after trying these methods, bring some makeup wipes with you and check up on your under-eye area throughout the day. Wipe your under-eye If you see smudging starting to form. You shouldn’t have to keep doing this once you’ve become more comfortable with your products and application techniques.


Don’t Apply Mascara to Your Lower Lashes

Don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes to decrease the chances of getting racoon eyes. Our lower lashes are much shorter than our upper ones. Most people often apply too much mascara to their lower lashes and since these lashes are shorter and closer to your lower eye skin, it’s likely to rub onto your skin throughout the day, giving you racoon eyes.

If you absolutely love applying mascara to your lower lashes, try to apply only to the top part away from your lower lashes and use as little product as possible.

When it comes to racoon eyes, less is more on your lower lashes.

Use Mascara Primer to Prevent Racoon Eyes

You may be getting racoon eyes from your mascara because your mascara formula does not bond well with your lashes. A mascara primer can help your mascara stick better and provide an even base for the mascara application. They help to give your lashes more volume, making them look fuller and thicker.

Mascara Primer is usually white in color. They are like this so that when you cover it with your own mascara, you’re getting the true color of your mascara.

How to Use Your Mascara Primer to Prevent Racoon Eyes:

Although using a mascara primer is pretty simple, the steps below make the best use of your mascara primer and help you prevent racoon eyes.

Step 1: Curl Your Lashes – It’s a good idea to curl your lashes first before applying any product. That way, you don’t need to worry about getting your curler dirty with makeup.

Use your curler at the base of your lashes and work your way towards the tips. For more details, check out my guide on curling eyelashes.

Step 2: Apply Mascara Primer – Use the wand applicator to apply your mascara primer. It’s fairly simple and you apply it just like you would with your mascara. Ensure to cover all the hairs on your top lashes. To lower the chances of getting racoon eyes, it’s not recommended to apply it to your lower lashes.

Let the primer fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Apply Mascara – Use the wand applicator to apply your mascara to the top lashes. If you find that the first coat is not enough, wait for it to dry first before applying a second coat. Avoid applying mascara to the back of your lash as this will increase the chance of it smudging on the back of your eyelid.

Use an Oil-Free Eyelid Primer

Hydrated eyelids may also cause racoon eyes. The oils on your eyelids may loosen your mascara, causing it to slip off your lashes and slide onto your under-eye area when you blink. An oil-free eyelid primer can help you control oil on your eyelids. It also provides a smooth surface for the application of your eyeshadows or eyeliners and will make your makeup stick better.

If you can find an oil-free eyelid primer that is close to your skin tone, you can use it directly like eyeshadow for a natural look. If not, use the oil-free eyelid primer as a base.

Using eyelid primer to prevent racoon eyes is easy, simply use a small eyeshadow brush and dab a bit of eyelid primer on your eyelid. Brush in left and right stokes. Usually, a thin layer is all you need. Ensure you cover your entire eyelid and blend the edges with your brush.

Use a Good Waterproof Mascara To Prevent Racoon Eyes

Another way to prevent racoon eyes from your mascara is to use good waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras are usually formulated with a type of polymer (like Copolymer) to help the makeup protect against water intrusion. Less moisture that gets into your mascara means that there is less chance for it to break down, slip off or smudge.

Note that most waterproof mascaras aren’t actually waterproof in the sense that you can go swimming or dip your head underwater. “Waterproof” simply means the product is more resistant to moisture and will last longer on your lashes.
If you’re worried about racoon eyes but is in a rush, you can use waterproof mascara without an eyelash primer

It May Not Actually Be Your Mascara

It’s important to find out if your racoon eyes are actually caused by your mascara. If you are using eyeliner, mascara and eyelid/eyeshadow primer in your makeup routine, you have to make sure these products all work together. In some cases, it could be your eyeliner causing the racoon eyes and you mistook it to be your mascara. Eye makeup that doesn’t work together will separate and cause smudging.

Usually, if you are purchasing makeup from the same lineup and brand, you can be confident that they will work together. It takes some testing to find the products that will work for you.

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