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How to Put Fake Hair on Eyebrows (2 Ways)

by Sandy Taylor

If your eyebrows look sparse, there are ways to “fill the gaps” and make your eyebrows look fuller. Sure, you can hire an esthetician to extend your eyebrows but it’s costly and depending on how sparse your brows are, each session may take up to 2 hours.

Here are some ways you can put fake hair on eyebrows:

Try Eyebrow Wigs

Eyebrow wigs are fake eyebrows made of fiber or real hair. You stick them on top of your eyebrows to cover your natural brows. They are really easy to use, affordable and can instantly transform your eyebrows. 

Unlike microblading, eyebrow wigs give your eyebrows real texture and make them look more natural.

You do need to spend some time to fit and trim them a bit to make them look natural. It takes a bit of practice but the end results are worth it.

Here’s How to Use Eyebrow Wigs:

  1. Clean your brows to remove excess oil and dirt. This helps your brows stick better later.
  2. Study your brows in the mirror. Make a decision on where you want your brow to start and mark the spot lightly with eyeliner.
  3. Mark where you want your arch to be and where you want your brows to end.
  4. Apply adhesive to the back of your brow wigs 
  5. Place the brow wigs on top of your brows and line them up with the spots you marked.
  6. Groom your brows. This involves trimming or plucking excess hair (your own hair and the brow wig) until you’re satisfied with the overall look. You can also brush your brows and apply a bit of brow gel to get a laminate eyebrow look. 
  7. Use a concealer under and over your brows and blend the edges for a natural look.
  8. Remove the eyeliner markings with makeup remover. 

How to Remove Eyebrow Wigs

When you want to remove the wigs, don’t put them straight out because you may pull out your natural brows as well. Instead, use a pair of tweezers at the front of your brows and pull them off slowly while working towards the back of your brows. Use a wig adhesive remover to clean your wigs. Eyebrow wigs can last 2-3 months and can be worn for several days at a time. Try not to get them wet in the shower or go swimming with them. 

How to Trim Eyebrow Wigs

If your brows are shorter than the wig and you prefer to trim your wigs before putting them on, follow these steps:

  1. Study your brows in the mirror. Make a decision on where you want your brow to start and mark the spot lightly with eyeliner.
  2. Mark where you want your arch to be and where you want your brows to end.
  3. Measure the distance between the front marking to your arch marking and from the arch marking to the end. Write down the measurements.
  4. Using your measurements, measure the distances on your brow wig, and trim off the ends to fit the length. You need to follow the original shape of the brow wig when trimming.
  5. If you find that the brow wig hairs are too long, bend the brow around your fingertips to make the hairs stick out. Trim them one by one slowly until you reach the desired length. Trimming them one by one gives you better control and to make the overall brow wig look more natural. 

How To Use Your Own Hair For Eyebrow Extensions

This method was inspired by Youtuber Stephanie Lange. Although using your own hair is possible, this method requires a lot of skill and practice. It also takes a lot of time. The results, in my opinion, look good but it’s up to you to decide if this is worth the time. You can do this method in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s How To Use your Own Hair for Eyebrow Extensions at Home:

  1. Cut small pieces of your own hair at the ends and put the hairs you’ve cut off inside a small bowl. The length of each piece of hair you cut off should be about the same length as your eyebrow hairs.
  2. Squeeze a bit of eyelash glue into a small container
  3. Using tweezers, pick up a piece of hair and swipe it into the glue
  4. Place the hair on your eyebrows in a position that helps to fill in gaps or increases the length of existing brow hair. Try to follow the natural growth pattern of your brow.
  5. Repeat until you are satisfied with the look. Trim off any excess.
  6. You may notice a lot of glue residue after the glue dries. You can try to color over it (gently) with a bit of eyebrow pomade.

Depending on the glue you used, the hairs should stick on your brows for a few days.

Check out Stephanie’s video to see this method in action:

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