Home Can You Apply Foundation Directly On Face?
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Yes, you can apply foundation directly on your face but it’s not a good idea to apply it without an undercoat of primer.

Although foundations are great at covering blemishes, they can’t substitute the function of a primer. Depending on your skin condition, you can try to use a foundation as a primer but you probably won’t achieve a good result without your makeup looking cakey.

Primers have 3 important functions that cannot be substituted by foundations:

  1. A primer helps to create a smooth surface for your foundation and other makeup. It fills in fine lines and wrinkles, making the application of your other makeup smooth and easy.
  2. A primer helps your makeup stick better to your skin
  3. Some primers have skincare benefits that nourish your skin and create a barrier between your makeup and your skin.

By applying foundation directly to your skin, you are missing out on the great benefits of a primer. Even if you have perfectly smooth skin, your foundation would not last long without a primer. This is because the natural oils on your skin break down the foundation and this leads to a melted / patchy look requiring you to constantly re-apply your makeup.  A primer can help prevent this by absorbing the oil and delaying the time it takes for it to soak into your foundation.

If you have oily skin, you will still need to pad your makeup down from time to time with powder even if you wear a primer. However, your makeup will last much longer and will usually be able to get you through the day without issues.