Home How to Apply Liquid Foundation Without It Looking Cakey?
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I think we can all agree that liquid foundations are a great makeup for covering up imperfections on the skin. However, many of us seem to be having trouble with getting it to not look cakey.

The good news is that applying foundation is more of an art than science and the key to achieving flawless application is patience, practice and using the right methods!

Here are some tips to apply liquid foundation without it looking cakey:

1) Use Primer and Moisturizer

Think about it this way. If the surface that you are about to apply makeup on is bumpy and uneven, what would be the outcome of your skin after you apply the makeup? Yes! It will look bumpy and uneven!

So before you do anything else, ensure that you are applying your primer correctly (I have written a tutorial on that here). Remember to moisturize your skin regularly so that any dry spots and fine lines are reduced.

The key to having a smooth appearance is to have a smooth surface to begin with!

2) Apply in layers

When you’re starting out with a new foundation (or if you are new to makeup), you need to have control of the amount of coverage that you require. This requirement is different for everyone and different parts of your face will require different amounts (forgive my wording).

Start off with thin layers first and gradually add more until what you want to be covered is covered (forgive my wording again)! Don’t overdo this part because applying too much foundation will make it look cakey.

Most people think this part is cumbersome but the truth is that you only need to do this once or twice. Once you have a good idea of how much foundation you need, you can speed up this process next time by applying the amount you need all at once (instead of layers).

3) Blot Out Extras

If you’ve found that you’ve applied too much. Simply blot it out. You don’t need expensive blotting papers for this. Simply using a facial tissue will do the job.

4) Apply Right Amounts of Powder

Here is the part that many people get wrong. Far too many times have I seen people apply a good makeup base, only to ruin it by applying too much powder. It’s important to lock in your foundation with a powder. Apply in light layers. Usually, a few light dabs is good enough.

5) Use the Right Tools

Although it’s great that you can use your fingers for pretty much everything makeup related. Don’t rely on them if you want to take things to the next level. Invest in a good makeup brush or beauty blender. This will make your application process easier.

Another tip is to apply foundation cross-hatching strokes for a nice even look.