Home How Do I Apply Full Coverage Foundation Without It Looking Cakey?
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When applying full coverage makeup, your makeup will be heavier than your average makeup, and it can be difficult to avoid ending up with that frustratingly awful cakey look that can result from it.

You must take care of your skin. Prep your skin well before applying any foundation, and learn how to properly build your coverage. Additional tips include using the correct tools to apply your foundation and using a setting powder to set your makeup after you’ve applied your base coat of foundation.

1. Slowly build up your foundation to achieve the coverage that you want. A common mistake people make when applying their foundation is applying a large amount of product all at once, and spreading it all across their faces. The trick to a flawless finish is layering your foundation slowly and leaving a few minutes between each small application of product to let the foundation settle onto your face.

2. Although there is no one right way to apply your foundation. Popular techniques are with a makeup sponge, a foundation or powder brush, and even just your hands! The key to applying your makeup is choosing the right tool and making sure you are blending your makeup properly. Makeup can appear caked on if it is not evenly distributed across your face.

When using a makeup sponge, dampen it a little with water to give off an even and blended finish. If you’re using a brush, use small amounts of product to build up the right coverage. Be sure to avoid leaving streaks by changing the direction of the application if using a liquid foundation. If you prefer just applying your foundation with your hands, first rub the product between your fingers before pressing it into your skin to allow it to emulsify.

3. Taking good care of your skin is just as important to your makeup routine as the makeup itself. All the tips, tricks, and techniques that are out there will not work unless you’re taking good care of your skin. Be sure to cleanse and moisturize your skin daily, use sunscreen when going out into the sun, and remove all makeup and excess dirt from your face before going to bed at night. We also recommend taking some time to research your skin type to find the ideal methods to take care of it. Before you start applying any makeup products, consider purchasing a facial primer to help prep your face for your other products.

4. Set your makeup with a translucent powder or setting spray. Full coverage foundations are heavier and can move around throughout the day. Translucent powder or a setting spray will keep your makeup locked in place, and take away any shine (from the liquid foundation) or dryness (from powder foundation) that can result after application.