Home Is Applying Primer Necessary Before Applying Foundation?
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There are mixed opinions among beauty experts as to whether foundation primer is actually necessary or not.  When considering whether you should use a foundation primer or not, consider how long-lasting your current foundation is. If you find that you cannot go a full day without having to touch it up where it wears off, then it is a good idea to try a primer and see how you like it.

Color-correcting primers also offer a great way to help make your skin look brighter or eliminate redness without adding an extra step to your beauty routine. They also advise using your foundation primer on your eyelids to help your shadow last longer.

It is important to choose a primer that is compatible with your foundation, though. If you wear a water-based foundation, then stick with a water-based primer. However, if your foundation is silicone-based, which many popular ones are today, then go with a silicone-based primer.