Home Can BB Creams Heal Dry Skin?
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Although a great BB Cream can do wonders for our dry skin, it will not heal it completely. As mentioned above, dry skin is a symptom caused by many factors, and until those are treated, we can only treat the symptom.

However, if the main culprit behind your dry skin is external (wind, sun, smoke, etc.), then a BB Cream can absolutely heal your skin by acting as a shield between you and the outside world.

Enriching your diet with powerful antioxidants and healthy fats, increasing your water intake, and breaking a sweat for at least 30 minutes each day are excellent ways to heal your dry skin. The extra vitamins and water will nourish your skin from the inside and the exercise will boost blood flow to the surface of your skin which causes your cells to rejuvenate.

If the culprit is hormones, you may need to speak to your doctor about solutions. According to an article from Women’s Health Network, hormonal imbalance and declining levels of reproductive hormones can cause extreme dryness and make fine lines and wrinkles appear to be worse than before.

Once you have tackled the problem from the inside, the use of an amazing BB cream will help you keep the symptom of dry skin at bay. The key to seeing a permanent change in your skin is to be consistent with your skincare regimen.