Home Can you use Foundation as Concealer For Eyebrows?
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So you only have a foundation at home but you were wondering if it can double as a concealer for eyebrows.

Yes! It is possible to use foundations as a concealer for eyebrows.

Although it is possible to use a foundation this way, it is generally not recommended as it’s not an effective way to shape eyebrows.

Let’s look at why that’s the case:

Coverage – Concealers can shape your eyebrows much more effectively. Even full coverage foundations will not do as good a job as a concealer around your eyebrows because you will need more layers of foundation for the same effect. You can add more layers for extra coverage, but you will end up with an uneven, cakey look.

Concealers work best for small, focused areas (like your eyebrows) where fewer layers is required for good coverage.

Texture – Concealers are usually thicker, creamer and more pigmented than their foundation counterparts. They set a smooth surface for your other eye makeup like eye shadows.

With the above points in mind, I would recommend you use foundations as concealers for eyebrows only if:

  • You are using a Full Coverage Foundation – If you’re going to use a foundation as a concealer, use one that is full coverage so that you are not putting on too many layers.
  • You’re Experienced – It won’t be easy to blend a foundation to shape your eyebrows. It will take some experience and practice to get the right amount of layers to achieve a smooth appearance. I understand it’s a bit of extra work, but it is achievable with the right amount of product and blending.

If you’re set to use a foundation as a concealer on your eyebrows, check out my post on full coverage foundations where I recommend the best ones on the market.

I hope this post was able to help you. Please feel free to send me any other questions you may have.