Home How to Choose a Waterproof BB Cream for Your Skin Type
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In selecting a waterproof BB cream, choose the proper one for your skin type and decide on the layer of coverage desired. Every BB cream has been designed for a key purpose. Heavier formulas are made with nourishing built-in minerals, creating a dewy look for those with dry complexions or mature skin care needs.

There are also BB creams made especially for our oilier-complected and combination-complected ladies. These ingredients might include salicylic acid or niacinamide or even “mattifying” minerals to keep pores ultra-clear and shine away for hours. Coverage is still full in a lightweight base.

Some BB creams offer a universal shade, such as one color fits all. Of course, that isn’t always the case, but you can try on a few brands to come as close to your natural complexion as possible.

Look for waterproof BB creams that feature a number of different shades. These are similar to liquid foundations in warm tints and cool tints. These formulas offer a wide range, from the palest ivory to the deepest mahogany, for example.