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Opinion: Concealer is better than BB Cream because you can sheer down your concealer by mixing it with moisturizer. This allows you to have more control over your coverage without buying another product. 

The above opinion assumes that you are comparing a BB cream and concealer that has similar skincare ingredients and that you are trying to cover up spots rather than your whole face.

Determining which product is better for you depends on what you are trying to cover with your makeup and how much coverage you need.

Should You Use Concealer or BB Cream?

Most skin care routines will incorporate the use of both concealers and bb creams as these products work great together to hide skin imperfections. Concealers are usually applied first before layering BB cream on top.

However, if you only want to buy 1 product and want to make the best use of it. It’s best to understand what each product is used for.

A BB cream blurs imperfections like dark spots and fine lines which in turn conceals the skin slightly.  It also plumps the skin because BB Creams generally have nourishing ingredients. BB cream is best for a natural day look.

BB creams come in many different shades and it’s much easier to find shade matches than concealers.  BB creams combine the benefits of tinted moisturizers, sunscreens anti-aging creams.  Common ingredients in BB creams include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide (sunblock), hyaluronic acid (for skin hydration), antioxidants and vitamins.

BB creams are ideal for people with dry skin because it can hydrate your skin while giving you the coverage you need. However, they are generally to use for all skin types.

A concealer is much thicker, and when used with skin prep can completely hide dark circles, redness, age spots, and blemishes.

Concealer can be used to target spots you would like to cover up (spots, under eyes, redness, etc) while still letting the other areas of your skin breathe.

If you want to also use something across the whole face, you can sheer down some concealers you already own by mixing it with some of your moisturizer or face oil. If you have a good concealer you don’t need much else for natural, everyday face makeup.

Although you can wear concealers alone, there are fewer shade options. This is why they are usually used under foundations. Check out my guide on how to apply concealer, foundations, and primers if you want to know more.

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