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Foundations don’t cause acne. It really depends on the type of foundation that you are using. Certain ingredients found in foundations trigger acne and make you break out. Common ingredients associated with breakouts are:

Fragrances – I personally love fragrances in my makeup but it doesn’t work for everyone. Fragrances are added to foundations to mask the unpleasant scent of certain chemicals. Have you noticed that perfumes evaporate really quickly? In order for perfumes to produce their fragrances, they are designed to react in such a way that makes them evaporate quickly. When this happens on the skin, it could trigger allergic reactions and breakouts.

Silicones – You may be surprised but silicone by itself is actually hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. What makes them problematic is the fact that they allow other ingredients to penetrate into your skin. If there are other ingredients in your silicone foundation that don’t work well with oily or acne skin, the silicone may create a way for these ingredients to block your pores, which leads to acne complications.

Alcohol –  Alcohol changes your hormone levels. An imbalance in your hormone levels causes your skin to break out. Furthermore, alcohol suppresses your immune system, which is responsible for fighting acne bacteria in your skin.

Another thing to note here is that blocked pores due to inadequate makeup removal can also cause acne breakouts. Remember this: What you put on your skin at the beginning of the day must come off before you go to sleep! This is a simple and effective way to keep your skin clear and free from acne.