Home Drugstore Vs Department Store BB Creams – What’s The Difference?
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The main differences between drugstore and department BB creams are scent, packaging, and pigmentation.

When shopping for BB creams we often run into a bit of a dilemma. Should you spend more money at the department store or should you look for cheaper alternatives at the drugstore? What exactly are you missing out on when you purchase at the drugstore? Are department store BB creams really that much better?

The good news is that you can get “department quality” products at the drugstore for a bargain. From my experience, I would even say that most drugstore BB creams are great and will work out for your everyday needs. However, there are certain features of department store BB creams that make them worth the extra price. Let me break it down:

Better Scent – Although this is quite subjective. I do find that in most cases, department store BB creams have a more pleasant scent than the ones found at the drugstore.

Better Packaging – Department store BB creams have a premium feel to them. They usually come nicely wrapped inside a box.

More Pigmentation – Although they are more expensive, department store BB creams usually contain more pigment which means you use less of the product but can get way more coverage.