Home Which Is Better: To Apply Foundation Sponge Or Brush Or Fingers?
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In the world of foundation, you are presented with 3 choices for application. You can choose to use a makeup sponge, a foundation brush or your own fingers.

Each method has its own pros and cons. However, it would be a clever idea to practice and master all 3 techniques.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of using each type

1) Makeup Sponge


– Smooth Application
– Easy to control
– Easy to Blend
– Easy to carry around


– Shape may become distorted over time. (Need to get new ones consistently)
– Can get expensive over time
– Not as flexible as a brush or using your fingers
– Takes time to master
– Requires good cleaning after each use

Makeup sponges are my “go to” choice as a Professional makeup artist. They work extremely well for smoothing out your application and makes it extremely easy for you to blend your foundation with your concealer. They are not built to last you a very long time but their disposable nature ensures that you will be using a new (or newer) sponge each time you apply makeup.

2) Foundation Brush


– Smooth Application
– Great control
– Great for blending / highlighting


– May leave behind streaks (Depends on the quality of your brush)
– Requires good cleaning after each use
– Excellent quality brushes are expensive

If you use a foundation brush, you enjoy the much of the same benefits of using a makeup sponge, i.e., smooth application and blending. The one thing that you need to keep an eye on is the quality of your brush. Also choose brushes with soft bristles. The handle should be comfortable to your hand. Always remember to clean your foundation brushes after each use. If you are wondering how you can clean your foundation brush. I have written a quick tutorial here.

3) Your Fingers


– 100% Free
– You have maximum control
– Works well for quick applications


– Hard to maintain an even complexion (depends on your skills)
– Bacteria on hands can cause infections on sensitive skin
– Not a good long-term strategy for applying makeup

It’s nice that you can use your fingers for application, However, I won’t recommend this as a long-term strategy. Due to the unevenness of your skin / fingers, it takes a lot of practice to get the complexion right. I only use my fingers for small areas that require quick applications and then blend in the look with a brush or sponge. Always remember to wash your hands before and after the application of makeup.