Home Are Foundations or BB Creams Better for Oily Skin?
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If coverage is your main priority, foundations might be the better option. While foundations is great for coverage and finish, it doesn’t come with the extra benefits that you get with BB cream. BB cream isn’t just a concealer, though that’s certainly one of its features–it can actually treat your skin while it conceals flaws and hides acne and redness.

BB creams can be a valuable asset for women with oily skin. But in some ways, BB cream might still seem like an unnecessary addition to your makeup routine. Why smear extra cream on your face when you can simply dust a little light foundation powder on your skin? If you’ve got oily skin, you don’t want to use products that feel greasy or cakey.

Overall, BB cream is the better option for oily skin, as it provides additional treatment as well as coverage. You’ll save time and money on oily skin treatment products by simply replacing your foundation with BB cream. Make sure that you purchase a light, oil-free product because they work best on oily skin.