Home What Kind of Full Coverage Foundation Is Best For Dry Skin?
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The kinds of foundation that are best for dry skin are cream, liquid, and powder to cream.

Which kind you choose depends on how dry your skin is, your personal application preferences, and the hydrating level that you are looking for.

Let’s take a closer look at each kind of foundation:

Cream – Many people ask me if cream foundations are good for dry skin. My answer to all of them is: Yes! Cream foundations work great with dry skin because they are usually oil-based. It adds an extra layer to your skin and helps to seal in the moisture. Like all other types of foundations, they do the job of minimizing your pores and making your lines less apparent. If you are looking for something that will last, cream foundations are your best bet. These provide a better level of coverage than liquid foundations and usually last for 8 hours or more.

Liquid – Liquid foundations are great for providing moisture to dry skin. Choose this type of foundation if you have medium-dry skin and would rather not deal with the heaviness of a cream foundation. Some liquid foundations come with sun protection and can be either oil-based or oil-free.

Powder to Cream – Powder to Cream foundations powder foundations that apply like a cream when you wet it with water. It then dries to a powder finish after it is applied. It’s great for those of you who would like better control of the amount of moisture to add to your face.

Powder – Powder foundation is normally considered not a good option for dry skin because they soak up that extra oil on your face, making it even drier. However, it is preferred by many people because of the lightweight coverage that it provides. Some companies create them with a moisturizing functionality by including ingredients such as jojoba oil. They are usually mineral based.