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When it comes time to clean your foundation brush, you want to make sure that you do it right. Dirty brushes will lead to more skin complications later down the road. I recommend cleaning the brushes at least once a week. If you have the time, doing it twice a week is worth it. Clean brushes simply helps you apply makeup easier and keeps bacteria off your face.

All you need for cleaning your foundation brush is mild soap, warm water, a large bowl and some paper towels.

Follow these easy steps:

1) Simply mix 1 part mild soap with 4 parts of warm water in a large bowl

2) Dip only the tip of the brush into the warm water

3) Using your fingers, gently massage the tip of the brush to rub off the foundation

4) If the water gets too dirty, simply use a new bowl of water-soap mixture

5) Rinse the bristles in running water and double check to make sure it’s clean

6) Dry off the brush using paper towels and shape the brush with your fingers

7) Leave brush on table top to dry

Tip 1: Do not use harsh soaps as this will dry out the bristles of the brush. For best results, consider a makeup brush cleanser like Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

Tip 2: Keep soap water away from the base of the brush. The soap will loosen the glue used to set the base and bristles. This will destroy your brush.