Home How Do You Tell If a Korean BB Cream Is Fake?
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Because many of the most popular BB cream products are made in Korea, makeup mavens often have to resort to online shopping to get their favorite products. This has led to a marketplace for fake BB creams. Thankfully, there are a few ways to determine whether a BB cream is real or fake.

A real BB cream should be easy to blend and have an even texture. If your BB cream is hard to apply or noticeably runny, it may be fake. Also look out for BB creams that smell strange, as this can be an indicator of a falsified product. Most Korean BB creams are designed to have a pleasant fragrance.

You should also check the product’s bottle, as shoddy packaging is another giveaway. Find a picture of the original manufacturer’s packaging online. Then compare your product to the picture. If your bottle is a different color, poorly aligned, or unprofessional looking, your product may be a dupe.

If you suspect that a product you ordered online may be a fake, see if you can find a retailer that sells the cream nearby. Try the real product to see if it is the same color, consistency, and smell. If you notice any major differences, you’ve likely purchased a fake BB cream. See if you can get a refund. If you can’t, remember not to do business with that online seller again.